Flat life? 7 1/2 challenges (unconventional) to change course

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You are in a period of existential void and would you like a different life? These challenges will help you react to your flat life and regain enthusiasm.

Let me guess.

This morning You got up from the bed, you had breakfast and you didn't even taste the latte. You ate out of habit.

You washed your face and gave aquick look in the mirror, because you don't like looking at yourself these days.

Then you went to work. You spent 8 hours at the desk, 3 of which are abundant, hoping to be somewhere else.

Did you come back home. Shower, dinner, television. Go out? Why then. You don't have the slightest desire. Are you tired. So, back to bed.

As you did yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday again. And how will you do it tomorrow too.

You count the days that separate you from Christmas but even in the last holiday you took a feeling of boredom and lack of meaning haunted you. Better not think about it. And although you feel tired, physically and mentally, you don't even sleep well.

To summarize:

  • You are unenthusiastic and sense a sense of empty e uselessness.
  • You have the distant thoughts.
  • You would like to change your life but you don't know where to start.

Let's see together why your life is flat and 7 ½ challenges unusual to react to apathy and return to the helm of your existence.

Get out of bed and let's get started!

NOTE: Of course, if certain symptoms are much more pronounced than normal and have been going on for too long, consider a visit to a specialist to rule out depression problems: ça va sans dire.

Why is your life flat?

“The air will always be too full of something. Your body always sore or tired. Your father, always too drunk. Your wife always too cold. You will always have some excuse not to live your life. "

C. Palahniuk. 

Basically, because it's not your life.

You understood well.

The life you have lived so far, the one you are living even now while you are reading, is a "trial life“, Which you set up on the basis of some conditionings.

Some examples?

1. You calculate too much

It is very likely that the choices you have made so far have been inspired by a series of practical analysis and economic calculations:

  • I do this university, because it will definitely offer me some professional outlets.
  • I choose this job because it is safer.
  • I marry this boy / girl because we are "pretty good" and he has one good location.

And so on.

Of course, weighing your decisions well and having a fair amount of realism is necessary. But by letting the calculation take absolute dominance over everything else you have put aside everything that has a for you profound value.

… And you turned off the light.

2. Make unnecessary comparisons

You have always observed what your family members were doing, the friends, schoolmates, or, more generally, the star of television, i samples of sport, the greats entrepreneurs, the influenZer. And you constantly put on in competition with them.

If you continue to confront you with people who have other talents and other goals than yours, wanting to compete with them by imitating their paths, often very different and original, you are condemned to live a flat life, which does not represent you and does not give you any real satisfaction.

3. You have a negative attitude

Perhaps driven by circumstances, or by character, you have developed a negative mindset.

  1. You focus on the problems and not on solutions.
  2. You inflate difficulties until they feel more severe than they are.
  3. Tendi a mull over and recriminate.
  4. You complain more than you act. Because, after all this thinking and worrying, you lack the strength to make the decisive choices. Or, in the most serious cases, even just to do something.

And you find yourself in to survive, choosing the one that passes the convent, the option that involves less effort and less jolts. But even less enthusiasm.

In summary, if you have a flat life it is because you have lived ...

  • Life imposed by yours Parents.
  • The life that makes yours feel comfortable friends.
  • Life dictated by yours fears.
  • The safe and suffocating life of yours comfortable choices.
  • Life limited by yours insecurities.
  • Life governed by yours bad habits.
  • Life distorted from yours envy.
  • Life frustrated with yours sense of revenge.
  • Life subjugated by yours compliance.
  • Life suffocated by your continuous analysis.

And you never even tried to live yours VERA life.

And here is the empty monotony lack of sense: the plate.

These emotions are nothing more than the silent scream of your soul.

Now ask yourself: how long do you want, and can you, go on like this?

Whether you have recognized yourself in one or more of the above categories, know that they are the choices operate on the basis of these conditionings those responsible for yours flat life.

The beauty is that by making different choices you can reverse the situation. You can start a real path of personal growth and start a life really full, that makes you get up in the morning as happy as that child you have been.

Going from "trial life" to "vita premium“, With months and months of special content (only if you subscribe today! :-D), it is possible: it requires will, commitment, courage, but it is possible.


7 1/2 challenges to escape from a flat life

The challenges I have taken up in this article are designed to stir the waters of that pond in which you have been soaking for too long and help you dive into the open sea.

You will broaden your comfort zone, develop your creativity and train the muscles that will allow you to change your life.

NOTE: You don't need to do all the challenges together. Read them, see the ones that inspire you the most. Choose at least one from which to start.

Ready? Roll up your sleeves, put on the armrests (kidding!) And let's dive in.

1. Get on a random train and get off at the third stop

If your flat life is taking your strength away, the first thing you need to do is insert a twist that allows you to go out, even physically, from the routine.

Go to the station, look on the scoreboard departures which is the first regional train to depart and buy a ticket right away.

Reach him and willow.

Then get off at the third stop.

Whether it's a small town or a city, make time for explore well the place where you are - preferably talking to other human beings and not just Google Maps and your smartphone.

  • I walked the main streets.
  • Observe the architecture of the place.
  • It eats something distinctive.
  • Listen the particularities of the dialect.

2. Talk to a homeless person

- high school friends, university girlfriend, i colleagues, the soccer companions.

If the people you hang out with have been the same for years, it is easy for your conversations to have sunk into a kind of ritual repetition - if not ritual lamentation - that so often risks being an end in itself.

And it's easy for your world to have shrunk to the point of suffocating you too.

Maintaining and nurturing your loved ones over the years is healthy and beautiful, but, for once, get to know a person very far yes you.

Approach a homeless.

In each city, unfortunately (or by choice), there are several, more or less young, foreign or local.

Exchange a few words with him.

Understanding where he comes from, where he is going, what his story is and his problems will be good for him, but it will also be good for you.

3. Go to Palermo and see the Palatine Chapel of the Royal Palace

It is typical: wanting to change things, perhaps with all our strength, but then not having the patience to make an effort and wait for the times to bear fruit.

We prefer to give up immediately rather than clash with the pain of commitment and frustration of waiting.

You fell into this trap too, right? And so you don't do anything and sink into the monotony of your flat life.

A few years ago, the Daily Telegraph compiled the ranking of 23 most beautiful churches around the world.

Visit it.

Observe the Cosmatesque floor, the fully carved ceiling, i Byzantine mosaics that cover the entire ceiling and walls.

Think of those people who, in the 1100 and broken, decorated vaults and very high domes with tiles so small and precise "that even the nails of the figures stand out", as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Until the masterpiece is created.

Without cranes, without nanotechnologies, without quick-setting glues and without whatsapp groups to agree on work shifts or who was to bring the gold dust. Incredible.

Seeing such a beautiful fruit of commitment and perseverance from life will inspire you.

4. Get 10 people to say NO

The road to our goals, as well as life itself, is studded with setbacks, of ups and downs, of waste.

If you give to these route accidents more importance than they have, until you interrupt or abort projects because of them or feel your self-esteem being affected, you have to do something.

A very useful exercise to reinforce your confidence is to procure yourself deliberately some waste.

Collect 10 NO by evening (hey, if someone becomes a YES ... so be it!)

  • Application interviews with people you respect.
  • Invite celebrities to attend that convention you are organizing.
  • Write a letter to an entrepreneur you admire by proposing to work in his team.
  • Ask your boss for a meeting to talk about that promotion o quell’increase.
  • Invite that boy or girl you like so much for one coffee.

This challenge, which will train the muscles of your safety and will push you to abandon certain stiffness, has more positive implications:

  1. will force you to Aim high (you will find that no one will refuse to accept normal requests).
  2. It will show you that most people are prone to meet you. So, next time you need something, you know what you need to do ;-).

5. Movies every morning for a week

I bet you have a variety of fixed ideas about you, based on what your mother, the professors, your boss, etc. have told you over the years.

But the truth is, you've never seen yourself as you really are.

When you look in the mirror you see yourself alone partially, you have a two-dimensional vision that does not fully represent you.

This challenge pushes you to add other dimensions to your image and to discover sides of yourself that you don't know well.

In the morning, turn on your computer or cell phone camera and act as if you were one YouTuber.

Parla for a few minutes in the room, tell an anecdote, explain something you know well, sings.

You can also recover while calling someone, exercising, or walking around the room.

Wait until the end of the week and then look at yourself.

6. Make a mistake on purpose

Doing things right is great, but perfectionism often goes hand in hand with inaction and stubborn procrastination.

Always wait for the ideal conditions to start a business, make a decision, change something important block your initiative and condemns you to drag yourself day after day into your flat life.

Then, learn to make mistakes (perhaps starting from a small thing).

Mind you: I'm not saying to give your boss a report written in Esperanto with the wrong calculations and get you fired (even if maybe that's what you secretly want ...).

Rather, get used to making some venial mistakes.

  • Park your car without going crazy if you don't hit them Stripes.
  • Send an email with some little ones typo or a missing attachment.
  • Put less sale in the pasta water.
  • Wrong telephone number when you call someone.

The feeling of pleasant liberation that you will try will help you to act much more and much more effectively in much more important areas of your life.

7. Write a movie script with you as the protagonist

We are really good at talking and deciding on behalf of others, at dispensing advice knowing what they had to do 'that time'.

At least as much as we are reluctant to take risks personally or to question the certainties of years.

But we can use this situation to our advantage.

Imagine yourself as the protagonist of a film - romantic, adventure, sci-fi, vintage - and write a short synopsis of the plot.

There are no limits: give free rein to yours fantasy.

Get yours done character anything you want, things that make you think "yeah, gee! I'd like this a lot”As you describe them.

Do you want me to live in a 300 square meter building with a personal gym? Let him have it.

You want me to ride at dawn on the beach to reach Natalie Portman and take it away with you? Make him do it.

Get excited.

The only condition is that the plot, the intertwining of the story, works for the spectators who will "watch" this film: must involve, otherwise, sorry, but you will be fired from Hollywood!

Enter some twists, insert scenes full of emotions, risky scenes, great acts of courage.

Then reread the plot.

Maybe not everything you have written will be transportable into real life, but your script will give you the measure of how much more epic your life can be than it has been so far. And of how many more risks they can be taken to make it so.

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