Fit Boxing | What is it for? Does it make you lose weight?

By the healthiergang writer , personal trainer, athlete and student in Sports Science.

Fit Boxing

It is a discipline born in 2000, created and codified by Sabino Vanni and Mario Di Loreto.

It was immediately a discipline practiced equally by both men and women because even based on the fundamental strokes of various combat sports it is not a competitive discipline, but a fitness discipline and has therefore been designed to have no contraindications for anyone.

Fit Boxing allows you to bring it to an affordable level for anyone combat sports which are, due to training intensity and difficulty, perceived as practicable by few.

Everything that in the common imagination belongs to the idea of ​​a fighter can be found in an accessible and safe way in FIT BOXE.

Fit Boxing | What is it for? Does it make you lose weight?

It is a very training discipline and, like all combat sports, it is an adrenaline-pumping and very engaging discipline that allows you to download stress, nervousness and negative emotions with extreme ease.

Boxing fit simulate boxing, is a cardiovascular activity that blends martial arts with aerobic activity that brings multiple benefits, hitting the bags has the rhythm of music with various combinations of kicks, punches, knees and elbows.

What is it for?

It is an activity that recreationally combines self defense and aerobics, it tones up as the bags or the void are hit, therefore more muscle groups and the whole body are involved.

It's useful for relieving stress, all this to the rhythm of music is a high intensity activity that is to say at a very high heart rate all this allows you to burn fat not so much during the activity in which sugars are used more but at the end because the intensity of the activity causes a momentary increase in metabolism; at the metabolic level that is, what happens is similar to what happens after a HIIT training.

Does it make you lose weight?

On average a lesson lasting 60 'burns from 250 to 500 kcal.

The lesson is divided into 4 parts on heating, fitboxe, muscle toning with bodyweghit exercises alternating with bag activity, stretching.

Let's say that a lesson lasts 60 ', 10' are used for warming up, 20 'for the fitboxe activity, 20' for the fitboxe + bodyweight, 10 'for stretching.

Fit Boxing | What is it for? Does it make you lose weight?

During the activity of fitboxe is fought to the rhythm of music, while when in addition there is bodyweight activity, 20 '' of exercise, 20 '' of bag, 20 '' of recovery alternate and start again.

It certainly makes you lose weight like any physical activity you practice, certainly more complete than just aerobic activity, it is advisable for an optimal effect alternate it with weight training, 2-3 sessions with weights and 1-2 sessions of fitboxe.

This is because weight training affects the increase in muscle mass, the more we have the more our metabolism increases, obviously if we go from a totally sedentary life to doing 1-2 times a week courses in the gym we lose weight, but it is clear that to lose weight the most influential thing is nutrition to lose weight we must be in a calorie deficit or if our body has we need 2000 kcal per day we take 1800kcal and we are in deficit or we take 2000 and we go into deficit with the physical activity performed.

Of course it was just like that it would be simple and reductive why macronutrients must be counted and you need to understand the best food strategy that best suits your needs and this is not easy.

However, without going into the technicalities as we would end up talking about something else, the Fitboxe can be considered a complete activity then I repeat if you want to see also increases in muscle mass you will also have to do weights.

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