First of all, love each other

First of all, love each other

First of all, love each other

Last update: January 23, 2015

Do you go out of your way to please others, and feel that they don't appreciate it as well as they should? If it's a constant problem in your life, maybe it's time to reevaluate things.

Helping others without expecting anything in return is a wonderful gesture that shows that you have a big heart and the ability to help others, but remember that it is necessary love yourself first to then be able to love others from the bottom of the heart, without abandoning your dreams. Love yourselves!

Your nature is truly exceptional, we don't question that, but have you ever thought about how happy you are with yourself? Ask yourself if you are waiting for someone who is grateful enough to value you and give you back everything you have given without measure ... Well, that long-awaited person is you! Because the truth is that no one knows better than you what your wants, feelings and needs are.

Look at your reflection

Do this exercise: without anyone around you, stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself thoroughly. There is only you and no one else will be able to judge that image projected in front of you. Meanwhile, take notes on anything that crosses your mind.

After (but you can take all the extra time you want), read what you wrote. Now create a list by separating what you consider negative from positive perceptions.

If the scales are tilted in favor of negative thoughts, this means that you need to pay more attention to yourself. Little by little you will be able to work on all the negative aspects that you have marked about yourself, to obtain better results. But in this way you will have already started this wonderful journey of self-discovery, you will have started to be honest with yourself and to recognize what perceptions you have about yourself.

Start with you

Abraham Maslow, a leading exponent of humanist psychology, has developed a theory that has to do with personal fulfillment.

This author summarized his idea in a pyramid of happiness, and explained that to get to the apex of internal satisfaction, we must first discover a series of needs ranging from physiological ones (nutrition, breathing and rest) to those that involve wanting. good to ourselves to be able to be creative, spontaneous and with a solid morality in our life.

Self-esteem is composed of a series of perceptions, thoughts or feelings that define a person's behavior. It is about the way we see ourselves and which consequently affects the way we interpret the world.

According to US psychologist Carl Rogers, "the root of many people's problems is that they despise and consider themselves worthless beings, unworthy of being loved". In these cases, acceptance is an important step in finding a solution.

Get started today!

As of now, any distorted perceptions you have about yourself can change. You will continue to reach out to others, but each time you will do so with a deeper awareness of who you are and how you feel.

This will be the first step to move forward on this journey of interior research, and it will allow you above all to save those desires that you must have the courage to fulfill. Unearth the objectives that one day you put away in the drawer ... What do you think about trying to reach them?

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