Finding a partner after 50

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Finding a partner after 50

The main obstacle to finding a partner after 50 is fear. Some people, even if they see this possibility favorably or even desire it, end up rejecting or sabotaging it.

Last update: 11 November 2022

The challenge or initiative to find a partner after age 50 has become increasingly common; a trend that seems to continue over the next few years.

Life expectancy is increasing more and more, and advances in science today allow a person to extend their youth and vitality longer than before.

After five decades of existence, many experiences have already been made, but not to the point of ending the love life. Finding a partner after 50 is not as easy as 20; even emotional relationships are not the same as in youth, but they enrich life equally.

After being "out of the loop" or inactive for some time, it can be difficult to find a partner after 50. First of all, you have to want it, then be aware that is possible.

"We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we come to see an imperfect person perfectly."

-Sam Keen-

Tips for finding a partner after 50

1. You have to look for it

Love might knock on the door, but it's unlikely. First of all, you have to start getting rid of disabling mantras such as “it's impossible at my age” or “it's ridiculous at my age”.

If you feel that a relationship will make you feel better, look for a partner. You may need to meet a lot of people before you find the right one.

When you already have a lot of experience behind you, it is possible to immediately discard potential candidates because you are too intransigent, have too many requirements or are too strict.

These aspects are worth reviewing; we can act and counter the rigidity that in many cases maturity seems to want to impose. Mental flexibility is therefore necessary.

It should be given the opportunity to meet and get to know people before making a decision. The couple relationship, on the other hand, is built day after day. Online dating sites are a good option, but they are also deceptive.

2. Accept your age

Finding a partner after the age of 50 is certainly possible, but sooner you have to build a good relationship with yourself. If we don't accept ourselves and our age, how could anyone else do it?

Learn to respect the strengths and limitations that may arise from the research you have undertaken. The opposite attitude reflects only insecurity.

3. Put your life in order to find a partner after 50

This advice applies to all ages and is essential. If you have been single for a long time, you will probably need to make some changes in your life. For a relationship to be successful, the partner must have an important place in our life.

If he doesn't see that he can have it, he will most likely leave or try to build a relationship of another nature. In this sense, it is essential to manage responsibilities and burdens wisely.

We can rearrange our lives in order to leave more room for interests and delegate some obligations. Reading, hobbies, good conversation, good art and everything we feel that can help us grow.

It's rarely all pink and white when starting a relationship out of fear of loneliness or because of the need to fill a gap.


The biggest difficulty in finding a partner after age 50 is not giving yourself the opportunity to do so. As we said at the beginning, relationships between middle-aged people are increasingly common and there are not a few who start a new relationship at this age.

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