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Find the time to meditate

Sometimes finding time to meditate can be difficult. However, with simple daily gestures it is possible to reserve a few minutes to carry out this practice.

Last update: 19 March, 2021

If the daily hustle and bustle does not leave you time to devote yourself to meditation techniques, in this article we will tell you how to do it through small daily gestures. Finding time to meditate can be easier than it sounds.

It is usually difficult to adjust your routine to accomplish the endless activities of every day. In fact, many people proudly proclaim that they are too busy to do everything they should, and would like.

The same goes for meditation: establishing a meditation routine can sometimes be difficult. Since this practice makes it easier to have a healthy body and mind, this fact may already be enough to make it an integrated part of your habits.

A study conducted by the University of California confirms that the benefits of meditation last for years. Here are some tips for making time to meditate and stop procrastinating. Are you ready?

If you have time to breathe, you certainly have time to meditate.

Tips for finding time to meditate

1. Prioritize certain activities and objectives

It is vital to prioritize the most important aspects to make meditation a regular habit.

If you can't find time to include a daily meditation session, review your routine. Try to identify the moments in which you carry out the activities which are at the end of the priority list.

Family, work and personal responsibilities will always take your time, but you can find the right time to meditate by setting priorities and being willing to make small changes in your routine.

2. Wake up earlier to find time to meditate

You probably struggle every morning to get extra sleep. But converting them into a moment dedicated to meditation will give you a calmer day.

Try to wake up earlier and sit down to meditate. It is a great investment!

For many people, the best time for meditation is immediately after waking up. You can then replace using the phone in the morning with a meditation session. With just five minutes you will already see some effects. Once it becomes part of your routine, you can increase the useful time.

"Be patient. Wait for the mud to settle and the water to be clear. It remains motionless until the correct action manifests itself. "

-Lao Tzu-

3. Look for breaks between activities

To synchronize with your natural rhythm, find space between every activity of your day, between activities at work, after cooking or before meals.

Use these transition times to close your eyes and take 3-5 natural, relaxed breaths whenever you can. Even a few minutes can be enough to reduce stress.

You can do it anywhere, sitting in front of the PC, in the bathroom, etc. The more you practice it, the more likely meditation is to become a natural response to stressful situations.

4. Focus on breathing

If you are still convinced that you are too busy to sit down and meditate, try this trick: focus on your breathing. The next time you are alone on a train, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or in the shower, try to tune into your inner space by focusing your attention on your breath.

Mute everything as much as possible so that you can fully hear your breath.

Finally, remember that there are many opportunities to practice meditation and mindfulness throughout the day. To find time to meditate, all you have to do is plan, engage in self-care, and take a break every now and then.

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