Find out if your relationship is healthy

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Find out if your relationship is healthy

Last update: February 09, 2015

In the early stages of a relationship, it is normal to see everything rosy, but there are cases of relationships in which one of the two partners seems to have slices of ham on their eyes, which prevent them from seeing things as they are, and in particular to understand that their relationship is less healthy than it should be.

What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship should have the following characteristics:

- Confidence: it is normal to feel jealous sometimes, because it is a natural feeling, but the important thing is how those who feel jealous react. A relationship cannot be healthy if there is no trust within the couple.

- Sincerity: it is difficult to trust if a member of the couple is not sincere; when it is discovered that the other has lied, the trust starts to become more and more fragile.

- Respect:: in a couple relationship, having respect means that everyone values ​​the other, understands him, and does not make his limits a burden.

- Good communication: you must never repress what you feel about your partner just because they might not like to know; it is important that there is good communication between you, and that you tell each other what you think about each other openly.

- Support: you have to support each other in both good times and bad times. You must always remain close to your partner both to celebrate successes and to console and support him in delicate moments.

- Equality: in a relationship there must be the right balance between the two partners, otherwise the relationship becomes a struggle for power.

- Time for yourself: In a healthy relationship, concessions must be made, and everyone must be able to enjoy their time as they did before starting the relationship. We don't have to give up going out with friends or abandoning activities we enjoy.

Unhealthy relationships

A unhealthy relationship it is distinguished by the lack of respect and the abuse of control, both physical and verbal, by a member of the couple; most of the time this is due to the fact that some people have always grown up in an environment where there was this type of behavior and therefore for them it is normal, but in reality it is not.

While it is possible that you feel bad because you know that your partner was abused in childhood, it is also good that you take care of yourself, as a relationship cannot be healthy if the other has an attitude towards you. abusive.

Warning signs

Clear signs that there is a physical, verbal or emotional abuse they are, for example, verbal insults, as well as humiliations or even cases of physical abuse such as slapping or beating or the fact of forcing the partner to have sexual relations.

Ask yourself:

- if your partner gets angry when you are not available to him
- criticize the way you dress
- does not let you go out or talk to friends
- does not let you do the activities you like
- raise your hands when angry
- try to force you to have sexual relations when you don't want to.

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