Fill the soul when it is sad

Fill the soul when it is sad

Fill the soul when it is sad

Last update: 28 March, 2016

He feels sad, lonely, downcast… Sometimes things don't go as he would like. He has problems at work, he is not happy with his partner, he argues too much with his parents. He begins to worry, because sadness seems to have taken a permanent place in his head, like a bird that has found his nest. He does not know how to remove that sense of suffering that invades him day and night.

When she is sad, she decides not to leave the house, not to talk to anyone. The only thing he does is immerse himself in his thoughts and repeat to himself over and over again: “I need to change something, I can't keep reacting like this when things don't go well. It's true, sometimes life is sad, but I can't let sadness take over me ... "

Sometimes it happens to be sad

Sometimes it happens to hear one deep sadness that invades our soul, which is difficult to explain. Maybe because things are not going well at work, in love, with your children ... Or, even worse, because there is a bit of pain in every area of ​​your life.

You just can't help but feel bad and, even if everyone says "Get up!", "You have to get out, you can't stay locked up there!" you can't take it and you think, "Sure, it's easy to give advice when you're not in my shoes."

You can't do it, you don't feel like it, the pain suffocates you, it's stronger than you. But how can this be changed when it has gone on too long? It really is possible to learn to feel better when we are sad? How do you do? Perhaps it is easier than you think, or perhaps it is a journey that will take you some time, a time in which you will learn to take on new habits.

"You can't prevent the bird of sadness from flying over your head, but you can prevent it from making its nest in your hair."

-Chinese Proverb-

Tips to fill the soul when it is sad

Below we offer you a guide with some tips to fill the soul when it is invaded by sadness. But, remember, the first step to do it is to want it!

  • Surround yourself with people who really make you feel good, and step away from those who make you feel bad. Your priority must be you. Do you know someone who just needs a few words to be able to console you, one of those people who always manages to make you laugh? Enjoy their company, and learn from them. Friends are a true wound balm.
  • Do something you really enjoy. Fill your life with activities that make you feel good. Are you passionate about cooking? Do you like reading, traveling, dancing? There is no better way to unwind from sadness. When the mind is focused on something else, the sorrows vanish.
  • Play some sports. Sport has been shown to release endorphin, the hormone of happiness. People who play sports are less prone to sadness.
  • Give yourself a whim. A little whim that will cheer you up and help you feel happier. Eat a cake or chocolate, buy that thing you like so much, etc.
  • Go out on the street and enjoy life. When you are sad, you don't have to stay indoors and mull over your misfortunes. Get dressed, look good and go out for a ride. You will see that your mood will already have changed when you return. Sometimes pajamas are our worst enemy.
  • Don't be too demanding of yourself or others. When you place too high expectations on someone or something, it's easy to be disappointed.
  • Learn to resign yourself, but not to be unhappy for this. We must understand that life is not only made up of good times, but also of bad times. You don't have to give them too much importance, but when they are over, forget them and move on.
  • Try to change what you don't like about your life if you can. If you have a chance to do it, be brave and give it a try! Are you unhappy with your partner? Don't like your job? Try to close the bridges with what you don't like and start over.
  • Don't think too much. We all think too much about things. Sometimes we are saddened by things that are now a thing of the past, or we worry about something that has yet to happen. The past is past, and the future is yet to come. Focus on the present.

Sadness is an innate feeling in all of us, but we must learn not to let it occupy a fixed place in our head. It is a challenge that we must all undertake, for our own good.

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