Figs: 10 recipes, from appetizers to desserts

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Who doesn't like figs? THE figs they are fruits that are truly rich in beneficial properties. They are naturally sweet and are also very versatile in the kitchen. In fact, with the recipes with figs you can prepare a complete menu from appetizer to dessert or choose only some special dishes to experiment.

Remember that figs with their characteristic taste go very well with salty ingredients, creating a pleasant contrast of flavors in your dishes. The recipes with figs they have anti-inflammatory properties, help the immune system and improve digestion, to name just a few virtue of these fruits.

With the collection of dishes based on figs that we propose below you can enrich your archive of vegetarian recipes and amaze your guests with ever tastier and healthier ideas. Here then for you ten recipes with figs all to be experienced.


Carpaccio with figs

If you are thinking of choosing figs to prepare a appetizer a little different than usual, this vegetarian recipe could be for you. In this case, figs are paired with mozzarella, parmesan flakes and herbs like rosemary in your city. You will need black pepper and green pepper for seasoning. THU recipe.

Appetizer with figs and ginger

If you want to prepare a fig appetizer that is at the same time sweet but also slightly spicy, do not forget to combine these tasty fruits with a touch of ginger. They will also serve you extra virgin olive oil and bread, even better if homemade. THU the recipe to follow.


Stuffed figs with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar

This fig-based dish is very versatile. You can serve it as an appetizer, as an aperitif but also as an original second course accompanying it with other seasonal dishes. To enrich the taste of the figs we find pine nuts and balsamic vinegar. For the stuffed with figs you can choose cream cheese or soft tofu. THU the recipe to follow.

Risotto with figs

Have you ever tried to choose figs as ingredients for your risotto? Never underestimate the winning combination of sweet and savory flavors in the kitchen, which will amaze you especially in the first courses. To prepare this Risotto you can combine figs of different varieties, for example green figs and black figs. Don't forget to keep some fresh fig slices aside for garnish. THU the recipe for risotto with figs.

Penne with figs and peppers

If you want to bring to the table a dish of pasta a little different than usual. the time has come to experience a new one condiment based on figs and peppers for the classic penne. The recipe calls for using figs, peppers to cook in a pan and celery. You can choose wholemeal or spelled penne. THU recipe.

Rolls of vine leaves and figs

Have you ever tried to make rolls with vine leaves? Some recipes require you to prepare a filling of rice, raisins and herbs in your city but you can very well add figs to the ingredients of your dish - suitable as an appetizer or second - along with honey and goat cheese. THU the recipe to follow.

Mashed with figs

Focaccia with figs, better in a sweet or savory version? The choice is yours, but if you prefer one crushed with figs salad, you can serve it as a second course cut into triangles and accompanied by a light salad or a side dish of seasonal vegetables. The secret to making this fig crushed really special is fresh rosemary. For the crushed with sweet figs add walnuts and brown sugar or a natural sweetener of your choice to the recipe. THU and here the recipes to inspire you.

Strudel with figs and grapes

If you want to vary the classic apple strudel recipe you can replace the traditional filling with fresh figs and grapes. Yours strudel it will be excellent if you also give a touch of crunchiness to your dessert by adding pine nuts or chopped walnut kernels. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Homemade fig jam

Here is a classic recipe that our grandmothers used to preserve figs and that we can also prepare from fresh figs. There Jam Figs we will need it to prepare pies, biscuits, cakes and other excellent desserts at home. You can try replacing the classic granulated sugar with whole cane sugar. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Tart with figs and walnuts

To prepare yours figs pie you can use both fresh figs, which you can blend with a little lemon juice to obtain a puree, and fig jam. Walnuts will make your preparation more crunchy. For the base of the tart you can choose shortcrust pastry. THU the recipe to follow.

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