Feelings don't care about the bank account

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Feelings don't care about the bank account

Last update: April 04, 2018

Imma Puig, a graduate in clinical psychology and professor in the human resources department of the IESE, has been working for 15 years with the ego, jealousies and envy of the players of Fútbol Club Barcelona. Of her we are struck by a statement of her: her feelings do not care about the bank account.

Inma Puig is dedicated to taking care of people's inner world. Average between the Iniesta, the Messi and the Suarez. In this moment, surrounded by people who earn in a year what the rest of mere mortals will not be able to earn in a lifetime, she has realized that the current account does not affect the management of emotions.

To see everything that happens in personal relationships, you have to understand people. And for this, like climbing a mountain, there are two routes: one long and easy, and the other short and difficult. TO jealousy, envy, anger, sadness does not care about the bank account, he is interested in personal relationships, emotional control and learning.

"I hope everyone can become rich and famous and have everything they dreamed of, so that they realize this is not the answer"

-Jim Carrey-

You can't always be happy, healthy and rich

We live in a society where there are perhaps too many people to whom everything is always "great". We want to convey an image that escapes all emotional logic, since these vicissitudes (money, beauty, health and love) rarely occur all together. False happiness is the worst of pains. 

Many people go to therapy because, even if everything goes well, they feel sad: they highlight a void of which they are unable to identify the origin. Many of them also don't know that the sadness è part of life and has survived centuries of evolution because it fulfills its function. Conversely, there are also people who do not have a perfect life or a rich bank account and yet are far from feeling that unidentified sense of need.

In this sense, no one, no matter how much money they have, can always be happy and without problems. Many times, indeed, the opposite happens: the more money you have, the more problems arise. In this sense, perhaps true success is in achieving what you want, and true happiness is in wanting what you get.

Happiness is a station between little and too much, between little and too much. Feelings don't care about the bank account.

Feelings don't care about the checking account

Make no mistake, having a good bank account helps. But thehuman being, if he has met his basic needs, prefers to feel loved rather than paid.

Some people find themselves on the crest of the wave, they are "the best" for many, they are successful, but they share several painful circumstances with people who are not doing so well, such as the loss of a loved one. They too are sad, lonely, discouraged or even depressed.

Feelings don't care about the bank account and for that we just have to look at people who have big fortunes to see that money does not prevent the appearance of problems psychological and / or affective. In fact, the percentage of famous people who end up suffering great discomfort, despite their wealth, is very high.

The idea that fame and money are accompanied by happiness is called into question if you think locally on the number of celebrities who have suffered from depression or other emotional disorders. In this sense, having a current account that many of us would dream of, however, does not ensure an emotional balance when it comes to emotions. In many cases it can also assume the opposite: a much more marked emotional instability. As we can see, then, feelings don't care about the bank account.

The idea that money, fame and power bring happiness is increasingly questioned.

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