Feeling uncomfortable with your body: why?

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Feeling uncomfortable with your body: why?

Dissatisfaction with one's body is often due to social pressure, coupled with specific dysfunctional beliefs that we tend to maintain. How can we change this reality?

Last update: October 07, 2020

Virtually any human being, at least once in their life, has looked in the mirror and thought: “I don't like what I see”. He tried on clothes in a shop and started to feel uncomfortable with his body. This is because very often we want to add, reduce, modify or improve some parts of our body.

Yet this rejection of our body image goes far beyond the purely physical dimension; there are many people who think that appreciation and success depend on appearance. So when they don't reflect the beauty standards they start to feel like a failure, incapable and unimportant.

Why is it common to feel uncomfortable with your body?

Taking this into account, it is interesting wondering where this tendency to despise oneself comes from, to feel uncomfortable in your own skin and what can be done about it.

External causes

There is no denying the tremendous impact of culture and society on the profound dissatisfaction many people have with their bodies. The canon of beauty has changed over the years, setting almost entirely flexible standards on what is appropriate and right to wear in every era and in every place.

Nowadays an unattainable and unreal ideal has imposed itself, which values ​​truly unnatural measures, for both men and women.

These are unique and externally imposed characteristics, which leave no room for the logical diversity of human bodies. Exalting these models as the only acceptable ones has strong psychological repercussions on those who deviate from them. Just go to any clothing store to witness the scarce variety of sizes.

We grow, therefore, by learning to reject our bodies, to feel inadequate and crushed or to obsess about us because we do not meet the standards. On the other hand, also social pressure it can be devastating, given that a rejection of diversity comes into play from the early school years.

Cause internal

All of the above is imposed on us. Still, they exist other aspects directly associated with personality and attitude which lead to feeling uncomfortable with your body:

  • Unfair comparisons. Of course, standards will always exist, but it is up to us to understand if they are unreal and unattainable models, and again if there is a reason to adapt to them. Constantly confronting ourselves with celebrities or with real people who reflect this ideal inevitably leads us to mature negative emotions towards our appearance, without understanding that diversity is beauty.
  • Rigid and dichotomous thinking. These beliefs presuppose the existence of two extremes and the presence in us of some negative characteristics, since we are automatically unattractive and undesirable. Focusing attention on that aspect of our body that we do not like, magnifying it and generalizing it will lead us to feel extremely uncomfortable with ourselves.
  • Wrong inferences. That is, since I feel uncomfortable with my body, I assume that others perceive me the same way. But that's not all: I am sure that since I do not reflect beauty standards, I am worth nothing, I have no right to wear certain clothes or to carry out certain activities; I will never be able to be successful in the world of work, social or emotional.

What to do if you feel uncomfortable with your body?

There are two main aspects that you should focus on. First, work on behaviors and beliefs that you can change that lead you to feel dissatisfied with your appearance.

Train themental elasticity, you begin to become aware of your thoughts, to notice your qualities and learn to distinguish your personal worth from your appearance.

Second point: commit and persevere in love and train yourself to accept your body as it is. Be grateful, because it represents your bond with this world, allows you to breathe, laugh, run or hug the people you love. Reconcile with your mirror image and treat yourself with love and respect, regardless of your body.

Only thanks to this unconditional acceptance will you be able to make the changes necessary to take care of your body and your image in a healthy way. Exercise and eat healthy; give it the right care, yes, but do it because you love it and not because you hate it.

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