Feeling of unity: what benefits does it offer?

Feeling of unity: what benefits does it offer?

It doesn't matter if we are surrounded by people: when we lose the feeling of unity, we begin to feel confused, lost and vulnerable.

Feeling of unity: what benefits does it offer?

Last update: 18 September, 2021

Did you feel lonely, isolated and disconnected at some point in your life? It is one of the most unpleasant sensations, but also one of the most frequent. It doesn't matter if we are surrounded by people: when we lose the feeling of oneness, we begin to feel confused, lost and vulnerable.

We begin to get carried away by fear, envy or resentment, we emphasize what divides us and we forget what unites us. Why does this happen?

The feeling of unity and belonging is one of our basic needs. We bond with family, friends and fellow colleagues to shape our identity and, on more than one occasion, we perceive those outside of these groups as strangers or enemies.

However, the problem grows when we feel distant from our loved ones, when our pain and experiences appear to us as unique and no one seems to be able to understand us.

The feeling of unity towards others varies in different stages of life. However, it is essential for our emotional well-being. On this occasion we list the important benefits it offers and encourage you to develop it again if you feel you have lost it.

How is the feeling of unity beneficial?

The feeling of unity is personally and socially beneficial. It improves our mood, our ability to cope with obstacles and the quality of our relationships. Below we explore the main positive effects.

It reminds us that we are not alone

When we face adverse situations of suffering, failure or difficulty, the mind can play tricks on us and lead us to think that we are the only ones in this situation.

Although on a logical level we know that this is not the case, somehow we can feel that no one suffers from such irrational fears as ours, that no one has such bad luck at work or in relationships; In short, we think that others are more valid, capable and successful.

If we cultivate the feeling of unity, we will remember our common humanity. We can understand that we all feel fear, anger, sadness and frustration; that many people have had similar experiences and that our mistakes and vulnerabilities are, in some way, everyone's.

This position allows us to relieve emotional pain, anguish, guilt and the feeling of victimhood: we are no longer imperfect, but simply human. Furthermore, it is much easier for us to express what we feel, to connect emotionally with others and seek support and comfort in them.

It promotes understanding rather than judgment

The feeling of unity is also very useful for preventing conflicts and promoting harmony in interpersonal relationships. When we feel different, divided and disconnected, we tend to judge who is different, to attack it and generate clashes.

We do not listen to understand, but to refute, because we do not try to feed on the opinion of others but to prove that we are right.

Remembering that we are all one, we discard rivalry and the desire to impose our perspective, we open ourselves to listening to understand the other. This way we allow ourselves to validate her emotions, even if we don't share them, because we can understand them.

It makes us more empathetic

Finally, cultivating the feeling of unity makes us more sensitive to the realities of others. Despite the many differences, bearing in mind our shared humanity, it is much easier and more natural for us to be empathetic with the emotions of others.

We don't need to be personally touched by the struggle of others to position ourselves and offer support. Competitive individualism is tarnished to give way to solidarity, generosity and justice.

People with a strong sense of unity they are more likely to engage in prosocial behaviors, social movements and defend the rights of minorities. Affection and respect are not limited to the closest group, but extend to all of humanity and even to all forms of life.

Develop the feeling of unity to be happier

This feeling offers us great benefits as individuals and as a group, but it's not always easy to maintain. Therefore, we show some useful behaviors to develop it in everyday life:

  • Be compassionate and kind with those around us. If you can avoid another person's suffering, don't hesitate to do so.
  • Avoid criticism and judgments. Rather, he tries to understand why each person behaves the way they do.
  • To apologize. We all make mistakes; Therefore, try not to hold a grudge against those who have hurt or disappointed you.
  • Discard envy. Rejoice in the achievements and successes of others, because their happiness does not determine yours.
  • Allow yourself to open up to others and to connect emotionally with them. Don't be afraid to show yourself vulnerable, we all face similar challenges and harms throughout our lives.
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated.

As simple as the above guidelines may seem, adopting them is difficult; To achieve this, it is necessary to fight against patterns of thought that have accompanied us for decades.

Even so, the benefits that can be obtained far outweigh the effort required. Therefore, do not hesitate and start cultivating the feeling of unity today.

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