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    Feeling good with yourself: 3 simple but very precious steps

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    As feel good about themselves with 3 unconventional steps.

    Accept yourself, love yourself and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

    Roy T. Bennett

    Feeling good about yourself first of all means accepting yourself, both from a physical point of view and from a character point of view.

    But be careful.

    Accepting ourselves does not mean resigning ourselves to who we are, but, if we deem it appropriate, accepting the challenge of change (more on this later in the article).

    In fact, if we are born stupid, we certainly must not resign ourselves to spending our whole life as idiots, on the contrary, it is a sign of maturity and intelligence to try to change.

    On the blog you will find many articles dedicated to how to change your life and how to improve yourself, but first of all we must be comfortable with ourselves in the present moment.

    To do this I have identified 3 concrete steps to achieve this goal.

    3 vital steps to feel good about yourself

    # 1 Be aware of yourself and practice acceptance

    Self Consciousness: the theme that most of all is dear to me and which I often talk about on the blog (by clicking here you will find all the articles dedicated to this topic).

    But what does awareness have to do with being comfortable with yourself?

    Awareness always matters.

    Being aware of ourselves is a vital prerequisite for almost everything in life, obviously if we want to act with an enlightened mind.

    In this case it means know who we are and where we want to go.

    Because not knowing who we are and what our goal is makes us feel bad about ourselves, but before setting a goal we must accept ourselves.

    We will see this aspect better in the third point.

    First we need to clarify the word acceptance which is often confused with another word with a less positive meaning.


    Accepting does not mean resigning, but understanding the why of things and accepting that they are like this.

    Does it seem to you that there is no difference?

    Here is a striking example that we all experience every day and that makes the difference between these two words evident: let's think about death (I also talked about it in my life lessons).

    Sooner or later we should all face this moment, not only as regards ourselves but also as regards the people close to us.

    Whether we like it or not, we die: maybe we don't enjoy thinking about it often, but it is (I point out, however, that many scientists are looking for a way to extend life indefinitely).

    If we resign ourselves to this observation we could stay under the covers every day, surrendered and disheartened by our fate.

    But if we apply acceptance we become aware of death, we accept it and we can act in the time that is given to us.

    Indeed, if we are really aware of this evidence we can make the most of our existence.

    And in different sizes we all do it: we all live our lives accepting that one day it will end.

    Is the difference clear?

    Being comfortable with yourself also means being able to accept yourself and to accept what we cannot control to look beyond, just like with death.

    If we look beyond death we see life.

    To practice acceptance, we can write a small list of the things we want or not to accept: take a pen and paper and rewrite these words.

    • I accept death, because it is part of life
    • I accept that I cannot control other people and their behavior
    • I accept that things cannot always go my way
    • I agree not to feel confident in myself
    • I accept …

    Keep writing your list to accept what doesn't make you feel good about yourself right now, whatever it is.

    Remember that accepting does not mean resigning, we just have to acknowledge reality, after which we move on to the next point.

    # 2 Feel good about yourself by letting go of everything else

    When I published the article about inner peace, I wrote that before looking for something that gives us inner calm, we need to focus on letting go of something.

    This something can be represented by many concepts: a mistake, a regret, a difficulty, a person, a belief, a feeling, an energy thief or a remorse.

    Basically it is about abandoning that something that is in our past but that we still carry with us now, perhaps many years later.

    The first step is to identify this thing.

    It may not be that easy to admit to yourself that you have made the wrong choice or that you have believed falsehoods to be true.

    In fact we don't like admitting our mistakes: but we have no choice.

    Without this first admission we could never be comfortable with ourselves.

    Often it is something that buzzes in our heads many times throughout the day, other times it is something that has been sailing the seas of our unconscious for a long time.

    To understand what these weights are, we can ask ourselves some questions.

    • What notes cause anger and resentment in me?
    • Which feeling bothers me the most?
    • Because of what do I go to bed unsatisfied every night?

    Once we have identified these anchors we need to let them go.


    We must try for a moment to divide our personality into two parts: for example, if we are gnawing at a wrong choice made years ago, think that your past self made a mistake.

    No you, or rather, not your current you.

    Think about it: now would you make that mistake or that choice again? No?

    Then it is not you who are wrong, but the previous version of yourself: this way of seeing things is very reassuring and helps us to think positively about the future.

    Because when we are aware (do you remember the importance of awareness seen in the first point?) Of what we have done wrong and we are able to accept it, it means that already today we will act differently, because we are more mature, better and superior.

    Once we have increased our awareness, practiced acceptance, and abandoned our past, there is only one more step to take.

    # 3 Rediscover how to feel good inside

    As I said in the first point, finding out who we are and where we are going is vital to feel good about yourself internally.

    But how to do it?

    This third point is a real one personal growth exercise book which will allow us to feel good about ourselves thanks to awareness.

    Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions in writing.

    • Write 5 things you think you deserve to feel good about yourself (e.g. why you are selfless, kind, affable)
    • Write down 5 things you think you don't deserve to be comfortable with (like how you've behaved around someone or why you raise your voice too often)

    Go on.

    • Write 3 things you are grateful for today (for example, for receiving a compliment or for consuming fresh fruit)
    • Write down 3 things you feel angry about (for example, how a co-worker behaves)

    Let's go even further.

    • Write down 5 activities that make you feel good about yourself (like exercising or watching a good movie)
    • Write down 5 activities that don't make you feel good about yourself (e.g. go to the post office or queue for parking)

    Finally the last two.

    • Write down 3 times when you didn't feel good about yourself today (e.g. while cooking or laughing with a loved one)
    • Write down 3 times when you didn't feel good about yourself today (e.g. while driving or talking to someone)

    At this point, try to calmly re-read the answers you have given to look for inconsistencies, contradictions or contradictions within yourself.

    Any contradiction you find and resolve will be yours foothold to feel good about yourself.

    Tips for feeling good about yourself

    What we saw were the 3 steps to feel good about yourself in a progressive way and working on your awareness in a practical way.

    However, there are also other precautions to always keep in mind every day.

    • Develop a positive (or rather prepositive) attitude
    • Abandon disempowering beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies
    • Live experiences that shape you as a person (you can choose between the 5 things you absolutely must do in life)
    • Open your mind to change (by clicking here you will find a list of movies that open your mind)
    • Write a gratitude journal
    • Develop emotional independence
    • Learn to love yourself
    • Develop true self-esteem
    • Give less importance to the judgment of others
    • Be flexible of mind
    • Accept your body, your character and your personality
    • Don't compare yourself to others
    • Take advantage of the incredible opportunity of the Self-Discovery Journal
    • Let go of your weights
    • Avoid continually judging yourself and others
    • Accept both good and bad days
    • Do not weigh down your ego (by clicking here you can find the article to recalibrate it)
    • Write a gratitude journal
    • Practice introspection

    Were you able to read the whole article? What do you think? Was it helpful to you?

    Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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