Feeling good: what to do and how to check that it's really working

Feel good is the goal of each of us.
What does it mean?

It means feel positive emotions, it means feeling at peace with yourself, in harmony with the world around us, being in the right place, at the right time.

And not because the place is a "special" place or the moment "has happened": but because you are fine now, wherever you are.

To feel good, you must therefore build a deep inner serenity, a solid balance from which you can face everything without fear. Because suffering is always behind fear.


Be comfortable always, wherever you are with whoever you are

I call it happiness.
A condition of deep, authentic and lasting well-being from which you face everything.

If you intend to feel good as the absence of problems, it is aillusion.
If you feel good you live it as a gift that others give you with their presence, it is arestlessness (Will it last? Will they stay?).
If feeling good depends on what happens to you, it's aanxiety continues (Will everything be okay? Will it last?).

We confuse satisfaction (I have what I want) with happiness (I'm fine, here and now).
And we don't really seek satisfaction, we want to be well, we want to be happy.

But we often end up "being satisfied" with crumbs of fleeting and unpredictable positive emotions, rather than building within ourselves a solid and profound well-being.

Here's how to build this well-being in a way simple, free and concrete:

  1. You have to learn a stop negative emotions as they arise (if you are sick, you will hardly be able to say that you are fine!). Read this page ⇒
  2. Eliminate the harmful habit of venting your negative emotions: it becomes a vicious circle that makes you weak instead of strong. Read this page ⇒
  3. Starts to get in touch with your emotions, discovering what they tell you, how they are being born inside you. Read this page ⇒
  4. nizia a create positive emotions within yourself in order to live in a healthy way every situation, even the most difficult (the so-called "10 laws of happiness"). Read this page ⇒

Before concluding with a test to help you measure how good are you today, I offer you a couple of practical tips that in many years that I work as a Mental Coach I have discovered working with people of all kinds.


Practical well-being: here are 3 mistakes to be avoided absolutely

Avoid making these mistakes and you will make everything much easier.


DO NOT RUSH: first of all give yourself time, don't rush.
We spend our whole life building habits that are a source of discomfort and negative emotions, do not expect to cancel them in two weeks.

Give yourself time to understand your emotions, use the emotional diary a lot, start discovering many things about yourself that you don't know but that your emotions say clearly. Calm is essential, if you associate it with the second tip.


BE CONSTANT: don't do a lot today and tomorrow and then nothing for three days.
I show you many practical tools on the page I just pointed out to you: use them every day.
Not much if it is difficult for you, if you have a lot to do and many commitments. But every day.

From experience you will see more changes if you dedicate only 20 minutes a day, but every day, not dedicating half a day once a week. Time would seem more, but it would not be well spent.

You don't need a full immersion, you need graduality and continuity.
A little, even just 20 minutes a day, but be it every day starting now.


DO NOT BE SATISFIED: when you see that you are better thanks to the exercises I have taught you, do not stop. You will only be at the beginning. Don't settle for getting a little better. Aim for happiness.

Often my students make this mistake: they are better off after a week of lessons and they stop, leaving the course until the next difficult moment.

Don't settle for feeling better, aim to feel good, to build an inner balance really deep, so that you can really have the strength of face any problem without feeling bad anymore.

I assure you that it is possible, but to do it you cannot be satisfied, you have to go further, in depth.

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We measure your level of well-being (or happiness)

And here we are at my test.
Few questions that will give you a final score.

Bookmark this page and in a few weeks repeat the test to compare the two scores.It will be useful to monitor the work you are doing.

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