Feeling distant is more than being distant

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Feeling distant is more than being distant

Last update: June 21, 2017

Sometimes the distance is not measured in kilometers, sometimes the distance does not depend on the physical distance, but on the distance of the souls. I can be close to you and feel distant, I can touch you and, nevertheless, feel that you are not next to me. Distance is the enemy of any relationship, it creates bridges that are increasingly difficult to cross and, above all, it takes away the desire to cross them. Bridges are built by each of us, therefore, we will have the same responsibility in both building and destroying them.

To feel close, it is not necessary to see each other every day, permanent contact with each other is not necessary, but connection and complicity are essential. in order to create that magic whereby we don't need to be close to feel united. It follows, but at the same time it can be the cause, a feeling of lack. However, are we really missing the person?

To feel the lack of memories means to feel nostalgia for a part of the journey we have traveled, a portion that is now part of us in our mind. Missing people, however, means wanting to stay and that this journey does not end. When you miss a person, therefore, you struggle to stay together.

Distance relationships

Relationships with miles apart make it difficult to exchange, regardless of whether it is love, friendship or family. For this, we will have to make an "extra" effort to shorten the journey and bring the minds closer. The desire and the passion that arise after a long time away can be a point in favor; making the most of every second you are together will help build stronger bonds and strengthen unions.

Staying away and only having the opportunity to converse, without physical contact, is a real challenge for communication and intimacy in relationships, as demonstrated by the study carried out by researcher Crystal Jiang of the University of Hong Kong and by Professor Jeffrey Hancock of Cornell University (USA). Working on long-distance relationships is a mutual task (this means that you don't have to do it individually), It will be necessary to strive so that, despite some time passing before it is possible to see each other, reuniting is as if we had always remained together, perhaps not physically, but mentally.

Take advantage of the means offered to us

It is increasingly common to meet couples who live apart, families who have had to split up or friends who no longer live in the same city. Letting distance exert its strength and giving up on losing contact is not one of the options we need to consider..

Communication will need to be improved, taking advantage of all the means available to shorten the kilometers: video calls, immediate contact via messages, etc. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and it is certainly a great help to feel close even when we are far away.

Trust in others gives us the opportunity to remain calm in the face of adversity and represents a great foothold for knowing how to wait and value what we have. The desire to embrace the other after a long time, to idealize and want to be with the distant person, to miss them when you are away are all dimensions that we sometimes lose sight of in everyday life and towards which distance can make us aware.

"Don't forget to take care of her, tomorrow instead of touching her you could imagine her"

We take advantage of time and closeness and work to bring souls closer every day when distance is the protagonist of our feelings. We also try to put an expiration date at this distance because we live better and better with concrete hope.

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