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I want to explain to you how to change your life for real, to feel good about yourself, really good.

And why this change last forever and everything does not go back to the way it was before. Here's what I learned about my skin:

  1. Changing life: form or substance?
  2. Don't give up on anything, it would be a disaster!
  3. The 3 rules that will make you the happiest person in the world (if you apply them!).

I'm about to reveal to you the secrets with which I really changed my life in the past ten years.

It is not theory but practice that I live every day.

I assure you that the change I am talking about it will last forever if you want.

Before starting, I recommend that you discover 5 basic principles for feeling good about ourselves.

Few years ago I ignored them too, but not knowing them did not prevent me from undergoing them and wanting to change my life.

I created a short test to show them to you in a fun way 😉

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Feeling good about yourself: form or substance?

To feel good about yourself there are two possibilities: look for some techniques (internet and libraries today are full of them!) With which to obtain quick results. Or really change your life.

Almost everyone makes the first choice: do you see many happy people, able to overcome difficulties and problems and with a good, healthy relationship with themselves?

I don't 😀

The first way is a total failure and they also make you pay dearly for it. If you want to be happy, you have to change your life.

If I asked you how you plan to change your life, perhaps you would start from one of these elements:

  1. Change the job you do (or find a job), because maybe you don't like it, you don't realize it, you don't do it in the environment you want and with the right people.
  2. Have more money. This is perhaps the most obvious, because if you have the money, you can do whatever you want and life changes there!
  3. Change your family: the people who are close to you do not understand you (maybe you are experiencing a couple crisis) and you would like to have those who would know how to do it next to you.
  4. The city (or country) you live in. You want for the climate (better some tropical islands right?), You want for politics, work, opportunities, but you think that a change of scenery would make the difference.
  5. Your environment. Isn't those around you positive? Maybe it doesn't help you? The conditions in which you live are very bad and in the end, perhaps, you convince yourself that your life sucks and everything should be changed!
  6. Your character (change your habits): the problem, of course, is that you had a difficult childhood, perhaps a disadvantaged context, maybe you didn't have the opportunities that would have helped you.

Am I wrong?

Don't you think one of these possibilities would be perfect for changing your life?

What if that's not enough?

What if you changed jobs but were unhappy anyway?

Think about it, have you ever heard of famous actors, singers, sportsmen who had their dream job, and a lot of money, yet ended up committing suicide or destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol?

How many have the family that everyone would like, but are unhappy all the same?

A beautiful wife and they cheat on her with a barely cute secretary, a charming and rich husband but they cheat on him with a pizza delivery guy.

The first step in feeling good about yourself is understanding what's wrong.

  • If you have a good job, but are sick, or sick, you don't care as much about work.
  • If you move to Thailand, but then your partner cheats on you, that place won't say anything to you anymore.
  • If you have a lot of money, but you live in an empty house, it won't do you any good to have that wealth.

Do you understand what I want to tell you?

You want to change something, we agree, but have you ever wondered, or wondered, why??

Okay, you'll tell me you don't like your life. Good.

But why don't you like it?


Are you a selfish person?

Answer the 7 questions in my selfishness test.

It will allow you to understand if (and to what extent) you are a selfish person.
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What more do you want from life?

I realized that we want to feel good about ourselves for one reason only: we want to be happy.

Nothing more.

Think about it: Would you like to have millions in the bank and be miserable and always feel bad?

No, of course you don't care.

And it would make sense live in an earthly paradise but always feel bad, suffering and sad?

I don't think, even that would suit you.

E having a family that loves you, but always being dissatisfied, or dissatisfied, is that what you want?

No, not even.

Then I'll help you: you want to be happy.

What is happiness?

Happiness is not perfection, total absence of problems or something.

This is fantasy, but happiness is something else.

Being happy means feeling good.

Simple right?

Feel positive emotions like serenity, or joy and cheerfulness, calm, security.

When you are happy, you feel good about yourself, or yourself.

You feel in your place, the right one, you know you are there and that nothing is more important.

The world, the others, everything becomes perfect, alright, you are in harmony with everything around you.

Beautiful, is not it?

Here, happiness means just that: harmony and wellbeing.

That's why we have to change our life to be comfortable with ourselves.

If you were okay, I mean really well, you wouldn't be here reading this page, but you would be out there living your life moment by moment, fully.

  • You can change jobs, but if you don't find harmony within you, a short time will pass and you will feel bad again.
  • You can go and live wherever you want, but if you are not well inside, any place will quickly lose its charm and beauty.
  • You can have all the money in the world, but without peace and serenity they won't do you much good and you will discover how many important things cannot be bought with money.
  • You can change everything, friends, relatives, acquaintances, but without knowing how to be happy, all new meetings will soon be old.
  • You can change the shape of your life, but it will last for a short time and, eventually, you will realize that it is not enough, it does not last, that you are not really happy.

Here is a video and a story to reflect on.


A man had grown up in poverty and made a commitment to become rich, to feel secure and finally be happy.

By working hard he had been successful in life and had become a billionaire and powerful.

So he built a wonderful villa and filled it with furniture, carpets, precious porcelain, valuable paintings.

But he didn't feel at ease because he was afraid that thieves would come in and rob him of all his belongings.

Then he had a wall built to surround his house, but it still wasn't peaceful because he felt alone in the great halls, now that no one came to visit him.

So he started throwing parties every week, inviting everyone he knew even by sight.

But it was not yet peaceful, people had returned to his life, but he feared that some thief would sneak into the house with the excuse of holidays.

He put cameras in the halls, even in the bathrooms with gold taps, but he couldn't find peace: who would check all the rooms in the house?

So he hired people to spend their time looking at the camera recordings, to find thieves who could enter the villa, but not even so he found peace: he felt anxious, watched, spied on, controlled.


Does it make sense to continue your relationship as a couple?

Answer my test questions to find out.

It will allow you to understand if your relationship has the characteristics to last or not.

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Here's what ruins your life every day, in silence

You will not find happiness by changing the superficial things around you.

Any external change will be short-lived and soon everything new is bound to become old.

You can also escape from problems, change cities, jobs and identities: but what you carry inside, that lack of well-being and harmony that you have inside your heart, at the bottom of the soul, will always be with you and will follow you everywhere.

Just as you cannot escape from your shadow, you cannot change your life and feel good except by changing yourself, or yourself.

The external and superficial change, made up of techniques of personal growth (which is something else for me!), Of tricks, of advice books, does not really work because it does not last and it is not enough.

What you are looking for is a profound change, the same that I discovered when I found harmony and well-being within me, wherever I was, whatever I did.

The real problem is your claims.

We become like hamsters when we get stuck in the wheel of demands to run and never get where we want to go.

What is a claim?

I'll explain it to you in this very short video, it only lasts about 60 seconds, but you will change many more!

Whenever you demand something from others, or from yourself, the demand is triggered.

Here's how to recognize it:

  • If you don't get what you want you experience a negative emotion, any one, all are fine 😉
  • If you are afraid of not getting what you want you stiffen, tension and coldness arrive against who could put a spoke in the wheel.
  • What you expect starts to become a kind of obsession, in the sense that you always have it in your head and think of nothing else.
  • When you do everything possible to achieve a result, serenity is lost and anxiety, tension, impatience and nervousness take over.

Do you recognize these symptoms?

They are the sign that you are demanding something.

We will never be really comfortable with ourselves as long as we demand something. By ourselves or by others.

The key is to learn to recognize these claims, all of them, and eliminate them.


Yes, because they do nothing but fuel suffering, disappointment, anger, fear and any other negative emotion.

Achieving emotional independence.

Eye because the deception is that you believe that the claim will make you happy, but remember the story of the poor hamster!

Eliminating them, however, does not mean starting to give up things.


Feel good about yourself without giving up anything!

I'm not talking about renunciation but of happiness, and they are incompatible things.

Grab a smoker and ask him to give up cigarettes.

What happens, who will be fine?

No, far from it, he will begin to desire them more and more and will only think about smoking.

Or ask a child to give up his games: he will think only of those!

You don't have to give up on the things you want, it won't help, you will only be worse off.

You have to understand that nothing and no one can ever make you happy.

Do you remember the first video, that of the hamster?

Anything you desire, after you get it, makes you feel good for a little, maybe very little, and then you want something else.

In theory, if all of this is really capable of making you happy, you should always be.

You get a job, you get a person's love, you meet a friend, you earn more, you move to a tropical island, and you should be happy.

But is not so.

When you get what you want, why instead of being happy do you start wanting more and if you don't have it, do you feel bad?

Because nothing that you consider capable of making you happy really has this power and you often experience negative emotions, fears, anxieties while getting what you want?

Claims will never lead you to be happy, but you don't have to give up on the things you want, you have to understand why you want them.

At this point a girl asks me: but if I want to write and I need a pen that I cannot have, should I give up and live a life of sacrifices?

Actually no, on the contrary, absolutely not!

I repeat: do not give up on anything, it would be worse, it would be a disaster!

A person full of sacrifices will never be comfortable with himself, on the contrary.

You have to learn to find solutions to problems.

For example, what do I need the pen for?

To write.

I don't care about the pen, if I could write with my finger, I wouldn't care if I had it.

You have to understand the real problem.

It's not about having that pen, that job, money here, that relationship, it's about figuring out what you need for everything you want.

When I find out I want to write, then I can buy a new pen, use a pencil, borrow a computer from a friend.

I do not give up on the pen, I realize that my problem is not the pen, but write, and I find a solution to the real problem.

Being confident means recognizing the real problems and finding great solutions.

If you want to know how to solve Any problem, without staring at you with the pen on duty, watch the next video, it's great!


But maybe the problem isn't even writing: why do i want to do it?

Maybe to communicate and I might realize that I don't need to write, but it's better if I speak.

In the end I want to talk but I would have demanded a pen, being hurt by not getting it!

Do you realize how ridiculous it is how we live?

Don't give up on pens, instead you discover that they are not what you are really looking for.

Actually you don't give a damn about work, money, partner, sex, food.

You don't care about any of this.

You demand something, or someone, for one reason only: believe that having it will make you happy.

That's it.

Whatever you want, you only want it in the belief that it will make you happy.

But it can't, because happiness is an emotion and nothing and nobody controls your emotions.

Strong this right?

In reality, nothing that happens or no person can make you feel happiness or suffering.

I know, it's just the opposite of how we learned to live and what we seem to have always experienced on our skin.

Yet it is like this: your emotions never depend on the outside, that's why no pretense will ever make you happy.

He cannot, nothing and no one has this power. This is why being comfortable with yourself is one of the most important things.

This is a key point why you cannot change your life if you do not understand that the emotions you live and create, with your thoughts.

Before considering what I'm explaining to you absurd, take a close look at the next video, because it will change your life forever.


Here we are?

Let's take stock up to here, because now comes the best:

  • You want to be happy and whatever you want, you expect it in the hope that it will give you happiness.
  • Nothing or no one, however, can make you happy since every emotion depends on you and not on what happens or what others do.
  • You don't have to give up on anything, but realize, therefore, that you do not need anything to be happy and to face the real problems and solve them.

But how can I be happy, my pen friend asks me.

Simple, following 3 simple rules.

The 3 rules that will make you the happiest person in the world

How did I change my life?

First I opened my eyes.

I found that the rules they taught me, and they taught you too, they were almost all wrong, or at least inaccurate.

And they also made us feel terrible about ourselves, you make it impossible to love and love you.

By following them you will continue to act in a way that points to the surface and that pushes you to make marginal, external changes that, as mentioned, will not make you happy.

You don't know how many people I know who have made big (superficial) changes and then, after months or less, they write to me because everything is back to the way it was before.

My life didn't change when I put into practice some of the advice I read or tried myself, but when I discovered the wrong rules I followed and replaced them with the right ones.

Right rules and wrong rules?

And who decides if a rule is right?


No, I'm not that presumptuous.

For me a rule is right if it allows me to be happy.

Simple and clear.

But I don't mean satisfied.

If I win a thousand euros playing poker I will be satisfied, but happiness is not in that money, for which to win at poker is not a rule to be happy.

If I get what I want from you, I am satisfied, not happy.

The difference is that the satisfaction doesn't last long.

Today there is, but then you want something else and you don't get it and so the satisfaction vanishes, you are not happy, and everything goes back to the way it was before.

And you keep running in the wheel!

We must look for the right rules, the ones that make us happy.

The rules you follow are so useless because they only help you to be satisfied, or satisfied, briefly and not always, indeed, often you don't get what you want.

Or am I wrong?

They are not rules of happiness, the deep one, the harmonious one you are looking for, but with a superficial and ephemeral satisfaction.

They don't lead to being comfortable with ourselves, but only to delude ourselves and attach ourselves to things that we will then claim to always have.

E even having them always will never make us happy.

And I repeat: it is not a question of renunciation.

In fact, if you think you can reach happiness by taking something out of your life, whether it is pretensions, wrong expectations, or something else, you will never get there.

Remember that you demand something because you think it will make you happy.

It will never work, but if you believe in it, you will insist on this path anyway.

The best way to change your life is experience that you can be happy without needing anything.

Feeling on your skin a joy so much greater that you can see it any claim as useless.

Touching such a satisfying happiness first hand, that whatever you can get you don't care anymore.

At that point you don't give up anything, you just prefer happiness.

And feel good about yourself, or yourself, wherever you are.

You make different choices, you realize that the deep happiness you desire is in your hands and nothing or no one can ever take it away from you.

Beautiful, is not it?

Great, because now I reveal the 3 simple rules, clear to everyone and easy to respect, that they will make you the happiest person in the world.

Obviously if you put them into practice 😉


Rule number 1: put enthusiasm in everything you do

Whether it's your job, changing the toilet roll, going for a walk, cooking, washing dishes, driving through traffic, do it with enthusiasm.

Remember I explained to you that your emotions depend on how you think? How do you live and judge everything?

Well, if you want to be happy you must face every challenge with enthusiasm.


Imagine how a child would live it, with the enthusiasm and joy that he would put into it.

We were all children and we all had enthusiasm and joy, but then we forgot.

You have to live each experience as if it were a wonderful thing just by being there.

What would you do to convey enthusiasm to a loved one who has none and lets go?

How would you try to drag her with you to find will to live and joy?

Do it now.

  • Sing while doing a job that you don't like, that is tiring or boring.
  • Focus on the positive things you see around you.
  • Smile all the time, don't get caught with a long face or a pained expression.
  • Put joy in everything you do even the smallest and seemingly mundane.

Return to look at the world with the eyes full of enthusiasm of children.

For them everything is a surprise, a discovery, a wonder.

No days are the same, there is no “one” wall in front of them but “that” wall, unique and to be explored and discovered.

Get excited about the little things, even if they seem trivial to others:

  • The flavor of your coffee.
  • The color of the sky and the sunlight.
  • The scent of a flower (if you live in the city, grow flowers on balconies and terraces!).
  • See the gaze of the people who live, or work, with you.
  • The movements of your pet, whatever it is!
  • The warmth of the blankets, of your home.
  • The perfection of your body.

See the world as a person who, born blind, can see for the first time would see it.

Wouldn't you find it all wonderful?

Everything would be fantastic, unbelievable.

Face life as a person who, with an incurable disease, is miraculously healed.

He wouldn't love everything, he wouldn't have a crazy enthusiasm for his life?

Live with the same enthusiasm, live with joy. This is what people who are comfortable with themselves do.


Rule number 2: love unconditionally

You have to love, it's simple. Of an unconditional love.

What does it mean?

What you have to give everything you are, the best of you, without asking for anything in return.

To love, to give everything you would like to receive.

A few days ago I was observing some people: a guy talking to a girl in front of a bar and you could see that he was trying.

A gentleman who played with his niece nearby.

I noticed a difference, I saw that they were very distant and not for reasons of age.

Then I realized what this feeling made me feel: the ulterior motive.

That boy didn't speak for the pleasure of sharing something with that girl, but to get something for himself.

The gentleman, on the other hand, did not want anything from his niece, he did not expect anything from her.

If you want to be happy you have to eliminate every second end from your life.

Speak to talk, laugh to laugh, argue to argue.

Don't do or say something to please, to get from others something that interests you.

Give yourself without trying to win something or someone.

This is the most important rule, which then carries with it the enthusiasm for life.

What does it mean to love?

  • Respect all people without ever excluding anyone.
  • Offer kindness and courtesy to anyone, even those who are rude to you.
  • Dedicate your time to others, not because they will then be available with you, but for the pleasure of being with them.
  • Do a favor, a courtesy, without thinking about whether it will be returned to you, but why you would like to receive it.
  • Offer your knowledge, your experience, your expertise to those who might need it.
  • Smile, greet with kindness, want others to be happy.
  • Accept their choices, do not expect them to live as you want, welcome them because you would like them to respect and accept who you are.

Come on, it's not that hard!

The rule asks you to love, to give everything you can and to ask for nothing for what you give.

It rhymes and will make you the happiest person in the world.


Because happiness is an emotion.

To love means to see life with openness, in a positive way, e when it happens you create happiness within yourself.

The claim generates suffering because you see things in a negative way, you expect the worst, you are afraid of not getting what you think is necessary.

When you are afraid of not being happy you create demands and suffering.

When you give, when you live with enthusiasm, you create love and happiness.

If love is without ulterior motives, there is no demand, therefore there is no suffering.

For this you must live with enthusiasm and love unconditionally: every condition you place on your love (I love you only if) it will make you feel bad because it is a claim.

Now you are aware of the two rules that will make you a happy person, and it will be you, with your hands, who will do all this

Your happiness does not depend on anything or anyone.

If you eliminate the pretensions and give your best, you will create within you that happiness you so desire.

Well-being and harmony, remember?

As you can see it depends only, and exclusively, by you: you can eliminate all pretensions and always, and only, you can choose to love.

If you do this you are happy, your life changes, indeed, it has already changed and you are understanding the rules of happiness, the real ones, the ones that work.

Try to look around: do you see a society made up of happy people?

I'm not saying satisfied because today the tram is on time, the traffic isn't messed up, the son got a good grade or the weather is mild.

I mean in harmony with everything, rich in well-being.

You see people, the associates, who whatever happens are they well and live their life with joy and enthusiasm?

Now tell me what you prefer:

  • You have a problem, things are bad and others seem to want to put you in trouble and, Moreover, you feel bad, you feel a lot of negative emotions and you would like to change your life and run away!
  • You have a problem, things are bad and others seem to want to put you in trouble but, in spite of everything, you are happy, you are well, you feel peace and you want to change things and improve your life.

Which do you prefer, 1 or 2?

What do you want for yourself?

For your life?

Observe that the first part of the sentence is the same: it is not you who decides if it will rain, there will be traffic, they will want to fire you or have other problems.

You decide only the second part, the one where you can choose whether to feel bad or feel good.

Excuse me if it's cheap!

This means changing your life: do not run away, do not leave everything, but to be stronger than any problem.

Knowing how to find joy and enthusiasm despite difficulties, be happy anyway.

You want? Is this what you are looking for?

the you satisfied to escape and find yourself, be sure, or certain, in a few months in the same dissatisfaction and unhappiness as before?

But there is one last rule that you must apply if you really want to change your life and do it now.


Discover the 5 Steps to Living INTENSIVELY a life Full of Emotions and Find You Well and in Balance in Every Situation (without Feeling Bad anymore) Training Your "Emotional Independence”, Even If You Don't Believe That Things Enough May they Be Different ...

... If You Don't Trust Yours Capacity or Yours Character It Doesn't Help You!


Rule number 3: action is the secret of change

Trivial isn't it?

No, it is something fundamental.

Now you know that you have to leave the pretensions because they are useless.

You don't need anything to be happy.

You don't have to give up on anything but understand that happiness depends on you, that you must live with enthusiasm and give love without conditions.

And now?

Now you must act as if all of this is already yours.

Rule number 3 is simple: you have to act concretely.

Without action, everything remains pure and simple theory, rhetoric, chatter, in short.

If you want to know how to change your life you can stop here too.

Now you know how to change.

But if you really want to change it, you have to act.

Start following the two rules I just showed you, find solutions to real problems, let go of unnecessary claims.

But do it now, now, now.

Do not wait, because things alone do not change.

You have to take action and do it by following a very important piece of advice: act as if you are already the person you want to be.

  • If you were happy, what would you do now?
  • If your heart was filled with love, what would you do now?
  • If you were enthusiastic, how would your way of working change?

From today he thinks like this: act as if you are in the best possible condition.

Ask yourself what you would do if you were enthusiastic, happy, determined, or determined.

Write the answers down and then put them into practice.


You have to act, there are no shortcuts, you have to take action and become change.

If you want to change your life you just have to do it now.

But before reaching any conclusions, I would like to open my personal library and recommend the best personal growth books (and not!) That have helped me do all this.

Read them, I recommend them, because they will make everything much easier for you.

Now one last thing is missing 🙂



As you see the rules that create happiness they are all under your control.

You don't have to wait for a promotion you deserve but don't get, you don't need more money, you don't have to move, change jobs or any of the things you usually look for on the outside.

If you want to be happy, to really change your life, to have a relationship of well-being with yourself, or yourself, you have to change.

Once you start applying the rules I showed you, everything else will already be different.

Today I do things that a few years ago I never thought I would do.

What seemed tiring to me today is pleasant and all the things that made me feel bad today have no power over me.

The secrets that I have discovered are right because they have allowed me to be happy and free, since now nothing has the power to influence my choices anymore.

This is true for me, it has been true for thousands of people and it will be true for you too.

But at this point, perhaps excited to have discovered how to really change your life, you may have legitimate doubts:

  • Eliminating claims is difficult and I actually need many things, how do I really do it?
  • If it were as simple as you write, I would already do it while my life is not what I would like.
  • In theory the things you said are right and I like them, but the practice is something else and I don't know where to start!

It is true, if it were easy you would have done it already and it is also true that theory is one thing, practice another.

But I can assure you it is absolutely possible, for anyone, be able to change your life and always live happy.

Yes, always, whatever happens.

I've explained everything you need to start changing your life.

Obviously the site is full of resources, guides, insights to give you the tools for every detail.

Here's a quick rundown of how you really change your life:

  1. Go for the substance: everything that is superficial does not last long, is not enough and will never make you happy.
  2. Your real goal, in fact, is your own achieve happiness. Without it, every milestone will seem useless to you.
  3. You don't have to give up on anything, but realize that you only expect the things you believe will make you happy.
  4. Nothing and no one can bring you happiness you are looking for because you are the one who creates your emotions.
  5. The first rule for happy living says that you have to act with enthusiasm and passion, always.
  6. The second rule simply tells you that you have to love unconditionally, without ulterior motives.
  7. If you want to change your life you have to act now and do it thinking about how you would live if you were already happy, enthusiastic, if you loved without conditions.

The heart of a change that makes you happy, that lasts forever, is all there.

If you create happiness within yourself there will be nothing and no one who can come and take it away from you.

If you look for it, simply, you will never find it.

And if you want to know my personal secret (totally free!), I explain it on this page 😉

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