Fear of being fired and how to overcome it

Fear of being fired and how to overcome it

In any company, especially in this time of crisis, the fear of being fired is more evident than ever. In this article we explain how to overcome it.

Fear of being fired and how to overcome it

Last update: April 13, 2021

Fear of being fired can cause high levels of stress for employees, especially if the company or organization is going through a crisis phase. It is, in fact, one of the most concrete fears with the most harmful consequences for both health and the workplace.

For example, the fear of being fired can affect productivity and performance, but also on relations with work colleagues and on the level of general satisfaction, which can turn into intense malaise. Learning to manage fear, the feeling of instability and uncertainty is essential.

Analyzing the fear of being fired

In some cases, we are victims of unfounded fears that are not reflected in reality. The following tips can help us get rid of it:

Assess the situation

Analyzing the situation and reflecting on what happens is the first step. It is a question of assessing the situation as objectively as possible and identifying possible real reasons why you may end up losing your job. In the absence of any concrete evidence, these are probably just unfounded fears and the dismissal will not happen.

Put your fears in order

If following the previous analysis you have not yet been able to find evidence of an imminent dismissal, you will have to analyze the origins of these fears. For example, they could be the result of personal past experiences.

Where does the fear of being fired come from? What is the point of trying it? These are questions that can help us learn more about how we feel and what we owe. The idea is contain the irrational fears that chain us to malaise and that prevent us from doing our job in the best way.

Relating to co-workers

A good relationship with co-workers is essential to create a healthy workplace atmosphere. Talking to them about how they feel can help us, as they may understand us and may even share our feelings. In addition to this, finding support in others can be helpful in coping with the situation.

Talk to your supervisor or management

If dealing with the fear of firing becomes an impossible task, a quiet conversation with your supervisor, manager, or management is another option.

Ask for a private interview with them can clarify our doubts and provide us with more information on the business situation. This will make it much easier to find out if our workplace is really in danger, as well as being an opportunity to show how much we value our work.

Coping with the fear of being fired by preparing for possible dismissal

Being aware of the dangers can alarm us and prepare to react, so under certain circumstances it may be a good idea to start preparing for a possible dismissal.

Update the CV

Having a good resume, updated and in order, will help you feel more confident in your research. That is why it is important to add any experience and skills acquired since the last CV update.

Review the employment contract

It never hurts to take another look at your employment contract to make sure you are entitled to compensation for years of service rendered to the company.

In this case, the advice is to focus on the amount that the company may have to pay in case of dismissal, since it could be useful for making alternative projects and responding to some needs while waiting for another job.

Check if you are entitled to unemployment benefit

Economic support in case of unemployment can help manage this transition period between one job and another. This is why we need to find out about the possibility of receiving the subsidies and requirements necessary to apply for them.

Get a letter of recommendation

Before saying goodbye to a job it is important to check the procedures in order to obtain a letter of recommendation, thanks to which it will be easier to find another job. In this way, there will be someone ready to confirm our skills and our moral ethics. The advice is to always maintain a good relationship with the people we have indicated as referents.

To be available

Finally, it is essential to be willing to sign a contract with other employers. In this regard, contacting the Human Resources department of other companies of our interest is a good idea.

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