Fear of action paralyzes us

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Fear of action paralyzes us

Taking action is essential to be able to live as we want and to prevent others from taking control of our life.

Last update: April 07, 2019

We all have some fears that prevent us from acting: among others, being left by your partner, losing your job or having an accident. In them, indirectly, a series of attitudes that keep the fear of acting alive and present.

When we fear something, we end up attracting it in one way or another. For example, if we fear being abandoned by someone, we will find friends or partners who will continually relive the feeling of abandonment.

The very thought of the manifestation of the deepest fears can come to paralyze us or make us think that we were born unlucky. Hence the fear of acting and going beyond, to get out of the situation where fear and insecurity control our lives.

Anticipating events and the fear of acting

Living in fear means anticipating events. In this sense, let's imagine what can happen to us in the future. We end up thinking about things like “I know this job won't last long”, “Eventually he'll find someone he likes more than me” or “I won't be able to do it alone. It will never work. "

"If you think you already know everything, you haven't learned anything."

-Alfredo Vela-

With all these premises it is very difficult to be able to act. The worst consequence is that we can end up feeling stuck due to the limitations we have set ourselves. Barriers that we have raised over time, to the point of making our comfort zone a cramped space.

Living in constant fear is a personal perception. It is not real. We hypothesize and try to imagine what could happen to us if we made certain decisions or what would happen if we left our comfort zone. But this can never have a happy outcome, since it leads us to venture into territories full of insecurities that are waiting for nothing but to manifest themselves to prove us right.

Taking action is essential

Taking action is essential. From the basics like deciding what we want to study, what profession we want to play in life or whether or not we want a partner. Because if we are so afraid and it is so difficult for us to make decisions now, how can we do it when we have no other choice?

This is the time when we make the biggest mistakes. Waiting until the last moment to make a decision can lead to bad choices. Similarly, too much fear to act can lead us to leave it to others to make decisions for us. And this is a serious mistake.

If we recognize ourselves in these characteristics and in the difficulty of taking action, we should also recognize ours constant attempt to have everything under control. It appears to us as something necessary. However, as much as we would like it, it is completely impossible.

Imagine arriving at work one morning and discovering that you have been fired without warning. We would not know, how to act, what to do. Similarly it would happen if, one day, our partner told us that he doesn't want to be with us anymore. For people who find it difficult to decide and act, surprises will never be welcome.

“Beware of unexpected situations. They often contain great opportunities “.

-Joseph Pulitzer-

But even when we sit still and safe in our comfort zone, something happens. Gradually that fear that holds us in a vice, begins to consume us from within. We can notice it in the doubts that constantly assail us or in the insecurities that prevent us from achieving any kind of success, even if we would have all the credentials to obtain it.


Taking action is essential to be able to live as we want and to prevent others from taking control of our life. We all have fears, but we can also overcome them. Moreover, instead of allowing them to limit us, we can use them to our advantage. How? Using the same strength they have in making us tremble, doubt and want to escape, to push us to act.

Allowing us to decide without prioritizing the fears in our mind. Because they can only have strength until we begin to act.

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