Fat burner: what it is and how it is activated

    Fat burner: what it is and how it is activated

    I would like a magic wand to make this all go away grasso! How many times have you thought about it when you step on the scale or pull up the zip of those jeans that don't want to know how to close? Yet those fat cells, which seem to you just "hated pads" and love handles, aren't actually all the same. Between them, they hide it some "special", which, appropriately stimulated, could paradoxically be the key to the fight against obesity and excess pounds.

    It's beige fat cells: the discovery is American, but the identification of the phytocompounds that activate them is due to a center of excellence all over the country (the Natural Biomedicine of Aboca). We interviewed the coordinator of this revolutionary research, to discover which plant substances push the body to produce these fats that "dissolve fat" and a nutritionist to understand how to introduce them into our daily diet.

    Fifty shades of ... adipocytes
    "Contrary to popular belief, not all fat in our body is the same", He says Valentina Markets, research coordinator of Natural Biomedicine, a company of which she is also president. "We have a white fat, the most hated and most difficult to get rid of: it serves the body to accumulate energy stores but, if it is in excess, it turns into rolls and extra pounds. And we also have more "colored" fats and, paradoxically, "Slimming". The cells that make up brown fat, for example, keep our temperature constant by burning fat deposits to produce heat (the so-called thermogenesis) ». But it is on the cells that make up the beige fat, the most recent discovery, that international scientific research is focusing.

    The power of grape seeds, green tea and milk thistle
    - adipociti beige, identified for the first time by researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, are real fat burning ovens: understanding how to activate them is equivalent to understanding how to lose weight. «Until now», continues Mercati, «we knew that they are generated by the splitting of white fat cells, whose deposits dissolve by" coloring "(they become beige: for this reason, the mechanism is called White Adipose Tissue browning, or" browning "of the tissue adipose) and that this happens when we do physical activity, to give energy to the muscles.

    After years of research and thanks to unique software and machinery in Europe, in our laboratories we have understood that there is a less strenuous way to activate them: by introducing certain plant compounds into the body. The substances present in grape seeds, mate, green tea, artichoke and milk thistle were the most active. And they appear to be enhanced when they act in synergy: this is why we have just created an innovative natural molecular complex (called Adiprofen) rich in procyanidins, chlorogenic acids, flavonolignans and flavanols extracted from these plants ».

    Foods yes and foods no
    «The most advanced research in the fight against obesity», explains the nutritionist Pier Luigi Rossi, «Are concentrated on the nutrients useful for developing these beige adipocytes. We have, in fact, understood that the extra pounds are generated by the excessive storage of fat inside the white adipocytes: push the body to produce beige adipocytes, therefore, helps to "empty" the white adipocytes of the accumulated fat. With immediate advantages on the reduction of body weight and on diseases related to inflammation ».

    How to do at the table? “We found that there are foods that hinder the formation of beige adipocytes and which should be limited: are those rich in arachinodic acid and Omega 6 (foods of animal origin, seed oils, snacks and prepackaged foods). In reverse, foods rich in retinoic acid, such as yellow-orange vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, peppers), preferably cooked and served with a drizzle of raw oil, seem to encourage their formation ».

    The hormone that generates lean mass

    Sweating and moving, you know, is good, but from today you have another great reason to get up from the sofa. Nutritionist Pierluigi Rossi explains that aerobic motor activity, or an endurance activity such as lifting small weights, stimulates the production of irisin, a "messenger" hormone which, after being produced by the muscles during training, enters the circulation pushing the white adipocytes to transform into beige adipocytes within the adipose tissue. L'irisin therefore helps to convert fat into lean mass, making us "burn" even after the end of the workout. Furthermore, irisin increases the efficiency of thyroid hormones, with the result of inducing greater energy consumption, and improves the insulin sensitivity of the cells, inducing a reduction in fat mass.

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