Fairy Godmother change for a broom

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Fairy Godmother change for a broom

Last update: July 03, 2015

I deny being a princess. I deny my clothes, my golden ringlets and my jewels.

I hate my enchanted castle, my shadowy loneliness.

I deny my crystal prison. My tower, my seclusion and my waiting to be saved.

I deny my fragility and my beauty.

I give up my privileges, my status and my castle.

I don't want a Fairy Godmother sewing elegant dresses for me to go to prom. And I don't want enchanted carriages or butlers either.

Fairy Godmother change for a broom.

Give me a broom, I'd rather be a witch.

I want to see frogs and lizards.

I don't want squirrels, rabbits or fawns around me. I want to play with dragons.

I deny my candor and my innocence. I change my kingdom to have cunning and sagacity.

I prefer night rather than day, darkness rather than light. Only shrouded in darkness can I truly find myself.

I want to save myself, without waiting for others to do it. I want to be sure of myself and my essence.

Where I have to sign?

I don't want to spend my days scanning the horizon, waiting to see my prince charming galloping on his horse to save me. Who is this individual? And why do I have to live happily ever after with him?

I want to get on my broom, go find him and spend the night by candlelight with him.

I want to get out of the tower. Fly between the moon and her stars.

Because while the princesses sleep, the witches fly.

I want to have many witches and villagers around me, I want to learn from them. I want them to teach me techniques to win the battle against kings and princesses.

I want to fly free all night. Return at dawn and sleep late. And forget about the pea hidden under fourteen mattresses.

I don't want anyone waiting for me. I don't want queens frustrated by the forty-year crisis. I don't want bad, envious stepmothers who demand my heart in a casket. I don't want kings to arrange my marriage to expand their kingdom.

Let no one dress me, comb my hair, or bathe me.

I don't want to sing with the sparrows, I want to fly with them.

I prefer to feel, breathe, live, love, suffer. Only by suffering can one reach the true essence of oneself. I want to hit rock bottom, disown myself e be reborn from my ashes.

Princesses do not express themselves and they don't choose. They are never wrong. Princesses don't suffer. They accept their fate with resignation, patiently, because they are convinced that they will live happily ever after. If nothing else, that's what they promised them. But they don't argue, they don't argue, they don't suspect anything.

I don't want to be a princess.

I want to choose my prince charming. And if possible, it is better that he is neither prince nor blue.

I want a man who doesn't charm me, but makes me feel magical every day.

That I don't have a castle in which to feel safe. I prefer it to have two eyes that make my head spin. I want to feel dizzy by his side. May he not promise me riches, but rather to fight together.

I change handsome prince charming for a rogue.

That you love me for being a witch and not a princess.

Let him be a wanted one too, so we will have to hide every day in a distinct place. May it make me fall in love with his character and not with his smile.

I change marriage and eternal love for freedom and madness.

I don't want a story with a happy ending, I want to write my story day by day.

I prefer to live the risk or die trying. Be grateful for being alive. Enjoy each day as if it were your last. Because tomorrow they could sentence me and condemn me to the stake.

Why are witches burned at the stake, but life is stolen from the princesses.

For this, I renounce my Fairy Godmother and, in exchange, request a broom.

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