Extreme experiences to value life?

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Extreme experiences to value life?

Last update: 27 March, 2018

An accident, an illness, a person who leaves us or who doesn't come back. Extreme experiences. It is there, in those moments, that the clock stops. Suddenly. And then something clicks and we understand that we are passing through, that nothing is eternal. And it comes to say that we don't usually appreciate life, even if it's all we have.

Routine envelops us and we let ourselves be carried away. We want more, even if sometimes we don't know what. We have overlooked the bonds that were made to be precious and we tie ourselves tightly to the ropes that don't let us breathe. We get used to things that go (without flowing) and the comfort of a home (regardless of whether it is "home").

Habit: Emotional Anesthesia?

Habit is that learning that makes us respond with less frequency and intensity to stimuli that occur to us repeatedly. We stop paying attention to the things we take for granted. We lose sight of the importance of being wiser or the good fortune of continuing to be accompanied by those we love.

But sometimes something destroys everything, breaking down walls, patterns and ways of living. It sounds like a lie, but sometimes we need extreme situations to appreciate life. And that's when we appreciate what we have and understand how absurd it is not to give them affection and attention while we have it.

We know that life ends, but most of the people we see squeezing it have felt the fear of losing it or the fragility of today, I don't know tomorrow. This does not mean that we must stop making plans for the future or thinking long term. But it must be understood that life is today. It is in this moment. And if thinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow we don't feel the strength we have today, maybe we are losing our lives along the way.

Extreme experiences: Appreciating life is not running away from the routine

Appreciating life does not mean escaping from the routine or having to live extreme emotions and experiences to feel the heart beating. It means opening our eyes, taking care of the details and making the most of our time. It is becoming aware of who one is and being grateful for it and fighting to keep it. And it's paying attention to what's wrong to fix it and make tomorrow a day even more worth appreciating. The value of life is, in short, make sense of time and understand that it is possible to feel hope without having to try new shoes.

Some people regret paying so much attention to commitment. They feel they have mortgaged many moments by introducing people (for commitment) into personally important days or working (for commitment) late. They especially regret those days when they couldn't even see their children.

There are issues that don't deserve so much effort, since they aren't that important. And there are things so important that, however frequent or inevitable, it is unfair to take for granted and ignore their value.

“In life you don't win or lose, you don't fail or triumph. In life we ​​learn, we grow, we discover; it is written, deleted and rewritten; you sew, untwist and go back to sewing. "

-Ana C Blum-

Remember that you breathe, listen to yourself and your surroundings. Pay attention to the little everyday things and don't spoil a nice afternoon. Take advantage and invest the time as if you could not recover it. Stop thinking about it: time is running out. But it still remains and belongs to you. It is happening and we need to realize it. We make sure that there is no need for extreme situations to know how to appreciate life, because it is already precious in itself.

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