Exercises to counteract diastasis in pregnancy

    Exercises to counteract diastasis in pregnancy

    What is diastasis?

    La abdominal diastasisthe diastasis of the rectus abdominis, consists in the separation of the right rectus abdominis muscle from the left rectus abdominis muscle. Doctors speak of abdominal diastasis when the right abdominal muscle distances itself from the left abdominal muscle by at least 2,7 centimeters. This condition of the abdomen mainly affects newborns and pregnant women.

    In pregnant women, the cause of abdominal diastasis is excessive stretching of the rectus abdominis muscle, induced by the expansion of the uterus. The characteristic clinical manifestation of abdominal diastasis is a kind of growth, which is formed from the xiphoid process of the sternum to the navel, which causes muscle tension of the muscles of the abdomen.

    It is essential, in the presence of abdominal diastasis in pregnancy, to avoid any type of exercise that puts a strain on the rectus abdominis. Instead, give priority to the movements that activate the transverse abdomen.

    Although, in most cases, abdominal diastasis resolves within a year, in more acute and severe forms, accompanied by important symptoms, surgery is required abdominoplasty

    Exercises for diastasis

    For pregnant women and new mothers, it is vital to take care of your body through prenatal and postpartum corrective exercises. One of the most common problems that arise during pregnancy is precisely the diastase of the right addominale, or DRA.

    La healing of diastasis can take some time, but most women will make a full recovery within a year of giving birth. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to support this healing, but incorrect exercise can delay the process. Before returning to the fitness routine, is critical train the core muscles deeper, the transversus abdominis (or transversus abdominal muscle), a co-contract with the pelvic floor so that the diastasis of the rectum can heal. After consulting your gynecologist, you can do the following exercises, which help to find a deeper contraction of the core muscles, re-educating the muscles to work together. 

    Seated breathing

    Transverse Abdominal Muscle Control

    Toe Tap with the spine in a neutral position

    Breathing bird dog

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