Exercises for the back: gymnastics in the office

    Exercises for the back: gymnastics in the office

    Article taken from the book "Well-being If I Can", by Paolo Manneschi. Buy online.





    11) Untied shoes: always sitting with your feet firmly on the ground and legs wide, stretch forward as if to tie your shoes, first on one side and then on the other, and finally in front of the legs (stop for 5 seconds); this simple exercise allows your back to relax by "opening" the lumbar vertebrae but also the cervicodorsal; in addition to this you will notice that the thigh flexor (called leg) or hamstring, extends, and creates a small stretching pain due to not being used to stretching.

    12) When you return to the top, straighten your back; this in two ways, the first by pulling up as shown, with the arms down and the shoulders back "beautiful straight" ...

    12) ... the second by returning upwards with the arms up and the hands joined, which continue to push backwards. Again it is sufficient to repeat 2 or 3 times. This exercise allows the back to extend and promotes both circulation and extension of the back muscles.


    14) Now put your feet behind the front legs of the chair, or hold on to the legs of the wheelchair, stand straight, put your arms behind your back and take your hands ...

    15) ... push with the back of the hands on the lumbar part, bringing the shoulders back, continue like this trying to slowly bring the pressure of the hands upwards. This movement will give you relief all over your back.

    16) Now, always with your hands behind your back (straight) and elbows wide, relax bringing your elbows forward (always keep your hands), you will see that consequently your shoulders also flex forward; do the same for the neck, curving it forward. Once this is done, restrain everything by bringing the elbows back. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times.

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