Exercise In Pregnancy? | 15 “Fit Mum” Explain Why It's Good

From pole dancing to aerial fitness, to ballet and weightlifting: pregnant women around the world have shared the secrets of their incredible workouts, sparking a social trend that's rocking the nation. We can say that keeping fit during pregnancy has never seemed so much fun!

We interviewed 15 pregnant women from the UK, USA, your country, France, Germany, Portugal and Russia, asking them to tell us more about how they train and why they think exercise during pregnancy helped their physical and mental health.

7 exercises to perform during pregnancy to be a #Fitmum

1. Pole Dance

Dakota Fox (@ dakotafox84), an American pole dancer, said she wanted to continue to lead an active lifestyle for her physical and mental well-being: “I love pole dancing, losing that special connection with myself and with the girls in the group just because I got pregnant would have been devastating!



this mentality helped me to stay motivated, to gain only the necessary weight and to respect my body when I was going to take on a new role in my life, that of a mother. My postpartum recovery has been incredible, despite having had an unscheduled caesarean section. I feel I have kept my identity during pregnancy; it really is all too easy to get lost when you become a parent. But I can be a mother, and one ballerina, And a wife, and a fitness expert ... all at the same time! "

2. Aerial fabrics

 Jillian edwards (@jillian_brooke_silks), an American acrobat, demonstrates how you can still continue practicing the sport you love, whatever it is! "I go as far as I feel that my body allows me, but I can still teach disciplines such as that of aerial tissues, and swing between them at theeighth month of pregnancy. "

3. Classical dance

Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani (@tarabhavs) is a dancer, model, presenter and teacher who shows us how she didn't have to stop dancing and staying active after getting pregnant. She was able to dance even in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy! You can see his performances here: www.brigitteballet.com

4. Yoga

 Shakira Martin (@ shakira.akabusi, @StrongLikeMumUK) is a mom who strives to change public opinion on the concepts of pre and postpartum training and what is meant by "strong mom". By combining his experience as a personal trainer with that of a mother, he created StrongLikeMum, a fitness plan designed to help women stay fit at home, without the help of expensive equipment.



Among his best advice we find:

  • Do simple exercises.
  • Always keep super hydrated and recharge with healthy and nutritious food
  • Avoid uneven surfaces, especially outside! It is important to remember that the center of gravity shifts during pregnancy!
  • Get comfortable - the relaxin hormone that the body releases during pregnancy causes the pelvic ligaments to be more "relaxed", so try to always assume comfortable positions.

The German yoga enthusiast Yavi Hameister (@yavi_moves) confesses that exercising during pregnancy is like having breakfast in the morning - an integral part of everyday life.



He then points out how it is even easier thanks to the internet to find excellent advice for a specific diet and training plan, which help almost-mothers to feel more courageous and self-confident.

5. Lifting weights

Ana Fragoso She is an award-winning Bikini Fitness athlete, model and mom. She has demonstrated through her various social media accounts how one can lead an active lifestyle during pregnancy. The secrets behind its success are simple:

  • Maintain good habits
  • Continue to train
  • Recharge yourself adequately by eating enough food

She then points out that keeping active is important for both mother and baby, both physically and mentally.

Healthy mom, healthy baby!

The language weightlifter of your country July Jub (@giulijub) says, “Despite what most people wrongly believe, keeping my training habits intact during pregnancy has not only been invaluable to my and my baby's health, it has also allowed me to face labor, birth and postpartum psychophysical recovery in the best possible way, at the best of my energy and with great serenity. "

Silvia Everything (@mamma_sportiva) thinks that sport is great for both physical and mental health, as well as being an activity to practice while having fun with your children. She notes how exercising during pregnancy helps prepare the muscles for the baby's birth, and keeps the body's mood and hormonal changes in check.

Sara Viktoria (@saraviktoria) a German fitness and lifestyle blogger, told us that "the kids were always so calm when I was working out that I think they liked it."

He recommends everyone to listen to their instincts, without undergoing excessive stress and taking care to always consult their referring doctor.

6. Exercise

Harriet Rieper, fondatrice del Fit Mum Club (@fitmumclub),

suggests training in company to increase motivation and to be able to share thoughts and emotions with those who are going through the same challenges as us.

Her favorite activity is resistance exercises in the open air, which in her opinion help to counteract any oppressive and negative feelings, making her feel fit, happy and confident.



Furthermore, she believes that training is necessary both for the birth of the baby and after, but suggests that every woman pay attention to her body, which always turns out to be the best counselor!

Caroline Rinaudo (@fitmumfrance) is a fitness, functional fitness and Zumba instructor, and often gives advice on pre- and post-natal health. It explains how keeping fit during pregnancy can help alleviate many side effects, such as nausea, fatigue and back pain.

He states that “you don't need 300 squats or a 1500m swim every day. Instead, do the sport you like, when you feel like it and listen to your body. "

The fitness instructor, Margaux Doranlo (@mgtraining) she confessed to us how it was only after getting pregnant that she really began to understand why her clients worried about losing the extra pounds and getting back to the physique they had before pregnancy. It explains how exercising during pregnancy not only makes getting back to training after birth easier, it also helps with the birth itself, and also restores good sleep quality.

Bikini fitness model and healthiergang ambassador, Ekaterina Shokhina (@katrin_shok) tells us how exercising helped her increase her activity levels during the last months of her pregnancy. She stresses that she only performs exercises that are suitable for the various stages of pregnancy, and recommends paying close attention to breathing and technique to make sure there is no side effect for the baby.

Jenny Erdogan (@ _jenny_e._) has a passion for fitness and has documented her training journey during pregnancy on her blog.



 Among his best tips:

  • Just do cardio and light sports - especially courses that stimulate the back to avoid back pain
  • Consult a fitness instructor to get a proper training plan in case you are unsure
  • Limit yourself to light exercises, which will make sure to strengthen the muscles without causing collateral damage
  • Don't "eat for two", but eat a healthy and balanced diet instead

7. Running

Certified Personal Trainer and former professional volleyball player, Naiara Bertini (@ naiafernandes.pt) tells us from your country how she ran 4km in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy, proving that you can stay active throughout the entire pregnancy.

What is the truth about training in pregnancy?

The official healthiergang doctor, Dr. Mike Orton, says that keeping active during pregnancy is part of human evolution: "Even in cave times, women went hunting and gathering food for survival even up to a few days after giving birth, it's just a myth what women should not continue to carry out normal physical activity during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. "

But up to what stage of gestation is it acceptable to continue training?

“When the woman reaches the 28 settimane, the weight of the child may start to bring problems to the lower back. At this point it would be more advisable to move away from more intensive training regimes and instead exercise more lightly, walking, doing Pilates, yoga or muscle strengthening movements. " conclude Orton.

Orton also recommends continuing to exercise normally, avoiding activities that you have never tried before. "the 99% of the female population will not have any problems exercising as long as they feel it, but it is always best to be thorough and consult a doctor first, especially if you are considering starting activities that have never been done before. In particular, if risk factors emerge during pregnancy, it becomes necessary to obtain a specific professional opinion about training. "


Please note that the information provided is personal stories, and that anyone considering exercising during pregnancy should always consult their doctor first.

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