Excess of vitamin E: symptoms, causes, nutrition

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Excess of vitamin E it is rare but it can be good for the heart and against tumors, while having undesirable effects for the body.Let's find out what are the symptoms, the causes and the diet to cure it.

> Symptoms of Vitamin E Excess

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> Excess of vitamin E and nutrition


Symptoms of excess vitamin E

THEexcess of vitamin E it can first of all involve the heart, but in a positive way: several studies have in fact shown that the introduction of vitamin E in high doses can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

This also seems to be the case with cancer. Other results showed the higher the vitamin E rate in the blood, the fewer the episodes of cancer. It was, for example, lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer.

Too high doses of vitamin E however, they can also have negative consequences and symptoms in the body: they raise blood pressure, which is dangerous for those suffering from hypertension, and disturb blood clotting.

An excess of vitamin E can in fact delay the healing of wounds or the healing following more or less severe burns.

Other milder symptoms encountered are muscle fatigue and weakness, digestive disorders, skin problems, nausea and vomiting; high doses of vitamin E are also responsible for a reduction in thyroid hormones.


The causes of excess vitamin E

The need for vitamin E it is strictly balanced to the intake of other nutrients, especially that of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin E in fact intervenes on these, blocking their oxidation and therefore the negative effect of free radicals.

The level of vitamin E should not fall below 3 mg / day for women and 4 mg / day for men, exceeding, therefore excess of the vitamin is very rare.

However, this could occur in some people who suffer from intestinal or metabolic disorders. Taking estrogen can neutralize the storage of vitamin E.


Excess of vitamin E and nutrition

Cases of excess vitamin E due to diet are very rare. The excess of vitamin E, as we have seen, may be due to other factors, so it is good to consult a specialist and investigate any tests.

Anyone who still has this symptomatology should be careful to take foods such as olive oil, especially if cold pressed, almond oil and corn oil; or foods such as dandelions, sunflower seeds, spinach, seafood, eggs, apples, carrots, almonds, hazelnuts, celery, broccoli, pollen and Royal jelly, whole grains and cauliflower.


What are foods rich in vitamin E?

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