Excess of vitamin A: symptoms, causes, nutrition

Excess of vitamin A it can cause hair damage and cause imbalances in the body. Let's find out what are the symptoms, causes and nutrition to treat it.

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Excess of vitamin A: symptoms, causes, nutrition 


Symptoms of Vitamin A Excess

Hypervitaminosis, or excess vitamin A can lead to headache, nervousness, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting and nausea if acute, while in chronic forms it presents with external symptoms such as pallor, dry and yellowish skin, hair loss, nosebleed and bone swelling.

Excess vitamin A is accumulated in the liver and is toxic when it exceeds ten times the recommended levels, i.e. when it reaches 300 milligrams per day of intake.

In some cases of excess vitamin A there is also weight loss, enlargement of the liver and spleen, hypertension. Pregnant women will need to be especially careful: the excess of vitamin A can in fact cause malformations to the fetus


The causes of excess vitamin A

Excess of vitamin A occurs mainly at due to an unbalanced diet. In fact, it occurs when there is an excessive consumption of foods that contain it, such as eggs, liver, milk and derivatives, fish; carrots, peaches, dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, mango or even because of too many supplements taken out of the diet.

An excess of vitamin A is in itself rather rare and, especially if associated with a deficiency of vitamin B1, can trigger particular symptoms. Those with kidney problems should take vitamin A with caution, especially in dialysis patients, as well as those who take the pill, as it increases the absorption levels of the same. 


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Excess of vitamin A and nutrition

The therapy to cope with excess vitamin A is based on reducing the intake of foods that contain it, eliminating them completely from the diet in the most serious cases.

In addition, you should also stop taking any supplements in which the vitamin is contained.

The symptoms of vitamin A excess and the consequences on the body are therefore prevented in a simple way, especially by taking care of the diet limiting the intake of vitamin A of animal origin, avoiding foods such as liver, eggs, milk and dairy products.


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