Excess of fluoride: symptoms, causes, nutrition

The excess of fluoride, usually found by stained teeth, can be caused by the abuse of supplements, by poor functioning of the kidneys or by water. It is rarely caused by nutrition. Let's find out better how to cure it.

> 1. Symptoms of excess fluoride

> 2. The cause

> 3. Excess of fluoride and diet


Stained teeth among the symptoms of excess fluoride

Excess of fluoride: symptoms, causes, nutrition


Symptoms of excess fluoride

An overdose of fluoride, i.e. that exceeds 1mg per day in adults and is in any case greater than 0,1 mg per kilo of body weight, can cause various ailments such as:

  • stains on the teeth and permanent changes in their color (dental fluorosis);
  • it can also disturb bone formation during growth and kidney function;
  • may cause nausea o vomito;
  • changes in behavior;
  • reduction of the IQ;
  • determine a higher incidence of bone fractures for older people;
  • immunodeficiency and even lead to death.


The causes of excess fluoride

The causes of excess fluoride can be related to the presence of hyperfluorinated waters, as happened in Africa, to the intake of too many supplements, or an excessive dosage, based on fluoride.

They are hardly related to poor nutrition or an unbalanced diet. Since the elimination of excess fluoride occurs via the urine, too malfunction or kidney problems they can cause an excess of fluoride in the body.


Excess of fluoride and nutrition

The dose of fluoride that is taken daily it should never exceed 0,1mg per individual body weight.

As said and as it happens for the fluoride deficiency, the excess of fluoride is hardly attributable to the diet. Fluoride is concentrated in various foods, especially fish (salmon, seafood), black tea, vegetables (even the skin of potatoes contains fluoride), cereals.

In mineral waters the concentrations are very variable, basically close to zero in the trace minerals, higher in the fluorinated ones, where the content of the element can be even higher than 1 mg / l.


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