Everything you ever wanted to know about strawberries

Everything you ever wanted to know about strawberries

Let's start by saying that the strawberry is portentous first of all for what it contains. Can't you imagine how precious this red casket is.


Properties and benefits of strawberries for the body

Allied to the kidneys, brain, blood and metabolism, the strawberry contains: iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium. Vitamin B, C, E, K.. Aesthetically flawless, the strawberry is also delicious and full of properties, a real cure-all for the body as well.

Strawberries have a strong purifying and anti-inflammatory action: they clean the blood, for example, or reduce inflammation and regenerate irritated tissues.

The reputation of anti-inflammatory that the strawberry enjoys is due to the presence ofacetylsalicylic acid, which extinguishes inflammation by acting exactly the way the infamous aspirin works, which is in fact acetylsalicylic acid.

But perhaps not everyone knows that strawberry is also excellent in case of fatigue, asthenia or liver and kidney problems, in addition to stimulating diuresis and ad relieve swelling typical of the first hot days. In case of swelling in the legs a foolproof natural remedy can also be used which eliminates blood stagnation and promotes good blood circulation.

It is sufficient to blend some ripe strawberries, whip an egg white and combine the two ingredients, with half white yogurt until you get a smooth cream that will be spread on the legs for about 30 minutes before rinsing everything away.


Grow strawberries in the garden


Strawberries: how to eat them (and use them)

In the kitchen, to enhance the refreshing properties of the strawberry, it is possible to use it in "salty" version with white yogurt and cucumbers, which, with a pinch of Parmesan (if the cheese does not bother you or does not create much mucus), will give the dish an original and tasty touch.

Have you ever thought about a fragrant herbal tea? You can further highlight the purifying action of the strawberry by making a infusion of strawberry leaves, better if it is wild, as it has a greater amount of antioxidants. 

Finally, here is a use of the strawberry unknown to most. Strawberry is great ally against cuts and burns: in fact, rubbing the strawberry on the skin, procures relief from sunburn and has a purifying action that can be used against herpes.

You may not know that when rubbed on the teeth, it whitens them and protects them at the same time, thanks to the presence of xylotol, a sweet substance that prevents the formation of plaque and kills germs.

Please note:Strawberries have been found to cause hives and itching in some people, so make sure you don't experience these symptoms.


How are strawberries grown on the balcony?



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