Everyone's crazy about potatoes: 15 easy recipes from appetizer to dessert

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If you love potatoes, don't just serve them boiled as a side dish. In fact the potatoes they are a truly versatile ingredient that lends itself to the preparation of numerous dishes, from appetizers to desserts.

For example, potatoes are a perfect base for your vegetable burgers or they can become the protagonists of first courses, for example as an ingredient for gnocchi or to enrich the classic pasta and chickpeas.

Without forgetting that potatoes are also an excellent ingredient for preparing desserts. With our suggestions you can enrich your collection of vegetarian recipes thanks to many new tasty dishes to prepare at home.



Potato salad

THEpotato salad It is a very versatile cold dish that you can prepare as an appetizer by combining the main ingredient of legumes or your favorite vegetables according to the seasons, to obtain always different salads. Here are the recipes to follow.

Curry potato dumplings

Another appetizer idea: gods potato dumplings to be served warm accompanied by a homemade sauce of your choice, for example based on yogurt or mustard. For the filling we suggest potatoes, carrots and courgettes, but also broccoli and cauliflower for the winter. THU our recipe.

Potato and agretti tart (gluten-free recipe)

La potato tart with agretti it is a very tasty vegetarian appetizer or second course, perfect to be consumed both warm and at room temperature. A valid gluten-free alternative to the classic savory pies, usually prepared with brisee or puff pastry. This tart can also be served as a single dish, or if cut into small squares, it can be an excellent course to include in a finger buffet. Easy to perform, the potato tart with agretti it can also be prepared a few hours in advance, and then reheated before being served; otherwise you can cook the potatoes and agretti in advance, and then later assemble everything for cooking in the oven. Here you will find the complete recipe

Potato croquettes

Potato croquettes are a typical recipe from your country, easy to make and really tasty. You can prepare and bake them in the oven or decide for a frying. Perfect croquettes to serve among antipasti or to be consumed also as single dish accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Here you can follow the recipe step by step.


Homemade Potato Gnocchi

One of the most classic first courses to prepare with potatoes are precisely the gnocchi. You can follow one of the traditional recipes and decide to prepare potato gnocchi with or without eggs according to your needs. For the dressing you can alternate, for example, tomato with pesto, or choose extra virgin olive oil and sage. THU many useful recipes.

Velvety Pumpkin And Potatoes

With pumpkin and potatoes you can prepare a very simple but really tasty soup to bring to the table accompanying it with homemade croutons. We suggest a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil as a condiment. THU Recipes from the World instructions to prepare the pumpkin and potato soup.

Main courses

Vegetarian meatballs with potatoes and paprika

With spinach, boiled potatoes and a pinch of paprika to flavor you can create vegetarian meatballs really tasty to bring to the table as a second course, also suitable for children who do not like vegetables very much. THU our recipe.

Savory baked potato donuts

Not just sweet donuts but also salty potato donuts to bake in the oven to make them very light and appetizing. To enrich them, you can combine potatoes with other vegetables depending on the season, such as pumpkin or courgettes. THU our recipe.

Veggie burger with peas and potatoes

With potatoes and peas you can prepare some veggie burger suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, very simple to make and cooked in the oven. The recipe also includes a clove of garlic, but you can omit it if you prefer to obtain a more delicate taste. THU the recipe of Ricami di shortcrust pastry.

Side dishes

Homemade mashed potatoes

Il mashed potatoes it is one of the most loved side dishes for children. It is also very simple to prepare starting with fresh potatoes and leaving out the usual preparations in the supermarket bag. Experiment! THU a useful recipe from which to take inspiration.

Baked potatoes with onion

Le baked potatoes with onion they are a light and appetizing vegan side dish and also gluten free if you use gluten-free breadcrumbs. Delicate taste, baked potatoes with onion they have a soft texture and have a succulent and inviting crust on the surface. Here the complete recipe.

Stuffed baked potatoes

If you want to bring a substantial side dish to the table, choose stuffed baked potatoes, which you can stuff according to your tastes, for example with pesto prepared by you, with homemade bechamel, herbs from your city and spices. Here many recipes to take inspiration from.

Duchess potatoes

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, duchess potatoes are a delicious and quick side dish to make. You will only need a few simple ingredients and the result will only lead you to lick your mustache. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.


Sweet potato donuts

With potatoes you can prepare fantastic sweet donuts to be served as a delicious dessert. Some recipes involve cooking in the oven, others in a pan. THU the Neapolitan recipe of potato donuts e here other recipes to take inspiration from.

Sweet baked pizzas with potatoes

Have you ever tasted any baked pizzas in a sweet version? Among the ingredients to prepare them you will need potatoes. To season your pizzas you can choose your favorite jam or a hazelnut spread. THU our recipe.

You have others recipes with potatoes to suggest?


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