Every day more human, less perfect and happier

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Every day more human, less perfect and happier

Last update: 24 March, 2022

Every day more human, less perfect and yet happier. Become your own medicine, the most important. Maybe it's the years, but in the end we understand that we come to this life to "be" and "let it be".

Because it's not worth getting lost in others to stop being yourself, since those who love us only if we show ourselves different simply don't love me.

It is often said that "there is no greater wisdom than knowing oneself". It is true, but it is even wiser who, knowing himself, establishes a strong alliance with his own being to reach the goal in which to be at peace with himself.

Since knowledge without action makes no sense, it is nothing more than a whim. Because those who know their pains must find the courage to alleviate them.

I am awake inside and out, I am my own medicine, my talisman, a rebellious heart that no longer wants captive loves. I am more human, less perfect and happier. Brave enough to love each other every day, free from those little minds that say my dreams are too big.

It may seem strange to us, but often in the field of personal growth there are those who say that we are born twice. The first when we come into the world, the second when we discover for the first time the pain, the loss, the fracture of what until then had been our foundations.

Suffering is sometimes the prelude to a new rebirth. Where it is necessary to become the healers of oneself, skilled artisans with fingers who repair and heal their own invisible wounds. The lesson we get is not forgotten, it makes us the beautiful being we are now.

Less perfect, wiser

Women are almost always subject to social canons that demand excellence from them. It is necessary to be good daughters, good wives, perfect mothers and, of course, they must take care of that aspect that prohibits wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite and extra pounds.

NDespite everything, you always have a bad image of yourself. Just do a little test: let's put “woman self-esteem” in the search engine and we will immediately find thousands of spaces aimed at offering strategies in this regard.

Women are often defined as "fragile", "warriors" and then affected by Wendy's syndrome and again as examples of daily struggle and as pillars of families in everyday life.

It is as if society somehow plays to define them, when in reality women know very well who they are, what they want and how they can get it. However, social environments often place numerous barriers to these aspirations. Only when one proudly rebels against these patterns can true happiness be achieved.

Every day more human and the hard struggle for happiness

In an interesting study conducted by the American Association of University Women indicates an interesting fact: most women see their self-esteem reduced when they reach adolescence.

By the time they turn 15 or 16, many girls prioritize other people's pleasure to fit in with their respective social contexts. However, to "like" it is necessary to adapt to certain aesthetic and behavioral patterns. Self-esteem, of course, is worn down during this time.

The curious aspect is that young people also go through this period of research, of exploring their own identity and breaking their own concept of self, in many cases.

However, as psychologist Jean Twenge explains, it often occurs an incorrect categorization regarding women and their "eternal low self-esteem". And this is completely false.

Women and their personal strengths

In his book Women: the first sex. How women are changing the world, anthropologist and biologist Helen Fisher explains what a woman is not born, becomes.

When we perceive ourselves imperfect in a positive sense and authorized to be ourselves, many of our strengths emerge:

  • During adolescence it is common to get carried away by the whims of others, but being young is basically not knowing how to choose. Little by little the filters, the external and internal request appear. Identity is strengthened and we know perfectly well what we like and what we don't.
  • The woman of today is not a Wendy who wishes to take care of Peter Pan. Today's woman no longer believes in fairy tales nor does she want immature men who do not want to grow. She loves herself, she trusts her intuition about her, her instincts, and considers herself worthy of making her dreams come true.
  • Although it is true that the women tend to suffer from anxiety or depression more than men, have better personal and psychological resources to deal with the situation and come out stronger.

More human and happy every day

Throughout history, women have learned to search within themselves, as true sorceresses of ancestral wisdom. They understand cycles, rebirths, losses and victories, they let themselves go and know how to receive.

They are not fragile creatures, each woman is made of sunlit leaves and roots grown in the worst storms.

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