Eroticism, a metaphor for sensuality

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Eroticism, a metaphor for sensuality

Last update: May 08, 2022

When tranquility reigns and we surrender to disconnection, we are able to balance the neurochemical and neurological connections that allow us to move closer to orgasm, sexual enjoyment and pleasure. Sometimes it can be difficult to look at our sexuality and openness give her free rein through attention and imagination, in short, eroticism.

As can be seen in the main image of this article, we are able to give an erotic meaning to almost everything. It is our social and biological nature that offers us this possibility; it is wonderful and there is no reason to give it up.

Eroticism, a neglected territory

Sensuality is related to sexuality, but it is more related to the eroticism that permeates our bodily, sexual and emotional contacts. Many times, haste combined with dissatisfaction with your body prevents you from enjoying it in the right way.

Eroticism reaffirms as women and men. We cannot let that powerful energy fall far from the fertile ground that nature offers us and that our language, our history, our work and our life offer us.

Who hasn't been frustrated by the lack of their own shared sexual initiative? Hasn't everyone blushed thinking about the sensual magic that some of our thoughts emanate? Who hasn't refused in mind and body to buy a sex toy or to shamelessly look at their curves and private parts?

We can end it all, all that is needed is the will to recover the eroticism of our feminine and masculine sensuality. Let's see what we can do to recover that power that we have lost or have never cultivated.

Recover eroticism, recover your sexual health

We can all be sensual. Starting from this basis, it is necessary to highlight a "female handicap". Women have been raised to feel worthy of sexual pleasure only if they possess a certain appearance or weight.

For this "simple" reason, infinite fears and insecurities end up determining the way in which we fertilize the soil of our sensuality. To improve the relationship we have with ourselves we must pay attention to the following points.

1. Make a conscious decision to be sexual and feel sexual

Feeling attractive has little to do with physical appearance, rather with precise inner work. This is why if through our internal dialogue we turn to appreciations such as “I am irresistible” and we repeat it at least twice a day, we give our mind clues to consider it true.

Wear elegant underwear, read erotic novels, take sensual baths, fantasize more. This applies to all genres and orientations.

It can be difficult to do these things when you have to look after children, work and think about hundreds of things. However, it must consciously decide whether to have a healthy and sensual sex life.

2. Focusing on the sensual aspect helps

In our culture, sexuality has become a premise through which to sell everything; however, few people consider it a priority. If we want our eroticism, our sensuality and our sexuality to improve, we need to think about it.

We became spectators rather than participants. The more we think about sex, the more we will be able to get excited. Caressing the skin, exerting more or less strong pressure, examining the body in the mirror, caressing the genitals and understanding what is most pleasant for oneself.

3. Feeling healthy, an essential step to rediscover eroticism

Performing aerobic physical activity three times a week for at least 20 minutes makes us feel better and our sexual fitness improves. Thanks to sport we will get a good blood supply in the pelvis and in all erogenous zones, which will help to increase eroticism. Don't forget to do Kegel exercises regularly.

4. Get to know each other

The upper left quadrant of the clitoris, the labia and the nipples are the most erogenous zones par excellence. However, we have hundreds of them. This is why it is important to explore and experiment with the body. Naturally, we will not be able to take anyone to a place where we have not been.

By knowing ourselves we take responsibility for our pleasure. We shouldn't limit the fantasies that excite us, because when we use the imagination to excite ourselves, the body and mind come together in the same melody.

5. Consciously increase the ability to feel pleasure

We have more ability to feel and give pleasure than we have been led to believe. Disciplines and philosophies such as tantra show us that we can reprogram our nervous system to intensify and prolong orgasmic pleasure.

Mastering this technique requires dedication, commitment and time, but all of this is offset by the benefits of greater sexual enjoyment on an emotional and physical level.

6. Help your partner be a good lover

Nobody is a good lover by nature. That is why it is important to learn together with your partner to be more proficient in the arts of love.

Orgasm does not have to be the ultimate goal, but talking, kissing and cuddling with the intention of increasing the eroticism within the couple is.

7. Being creative, essential to fertilize the soil of eroticism

Trying helps to break out of the routine and work with the ability to imagine. Getting in touch with erotic literature or exciting music is a great aphrodisiac and stimulant.

We are a box full of surprises and it is worth cultivating the ability to eroticize our lives and our bodies.

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