Erotic games to rediscover passion

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Erotic games to rediscover passion

Erotic games allow us to experiment with the partner and, above all, to revive the passion. Here are 8 interesting proposals.

Last update: April 01, 2022

Can erotic games help a couple regain passion? Have you ever tried them? They are fun and passionate ways to get carried away with desire and experiment with your partner.

Did you know that during the lockdown, sales of sex toys like the vibrator grew by 200%? In addition, Sexplace (a dating portal in Spain) has carried out a survey that reveals that 3 out of 5 people have practiced sexting, a practice that consists in sending messages, photos or personal videos with erotic and sexual content via technological devices.

As we can see, sexual practices are influenced by variables such as partner availability and context, which is why it is common to use technology. However, if you have the opportunity to be physically in the company of your partner and you want to recover the lost passion, you could try some erotic games.

Many can coincide with the moment of foreplay to create the right atmosphere and strengthen the passion. The most important thing is to let go of prejudices and let go.

8 erotic games to rekindle the flame of passion

The bomb

The first erotic game that we propose will increase the desire exponentially. It consists in establishing a maximum time, for example 20 minutes.

During this time, any intimate act can be performed, except penetration. It is the moment of kisses, caresses and any gesture of appreciation without reaching penetration. They say that good things happen to those who know how to wait!

Mischievous messages

This game consists of taking two jars, one for each member of the couple, and inserting a series of sheets of paper into each of them. In one of the jars we will put some sheets on which we will have written verbs (for example: suck, bite, savor), and in the other parts of the body (breasts, hands, lips, etc). Finally, a piece of paper must be extracted from each jar and the resulting combination is made.

Pillow fight

Another of the erotic games that can revive desire is the pillow fight. The couple undresses and grabs a pillow. It is a (non-violent) pillow fight that will increase contact with your partner and, why not, even sexual desire. Moreover, it often ends up laughing, and it is an opportunity to tickle, nibble, etc.

Strip poker among the erotic games

In this case we propose a card game adapted to the sexual sphere. It is ideal as part of foreplay in sex. You will need to select any card game (this can be traditional poker).

The stakes correspond to items of clothing, which means that when a member of the couple loses, they will have to take off their clothes. The idea is to find yourself progressively naked and have fun!

Painting the body

It's about painting each other's bodies (using body-friendly products). The goal is not to create great works of art, but to let yourself go and experiment with each other's body. You can use various tools: fine brushes, brushes, aromatic colors...

The important thing here is to focus on the sensations and, when the "work" is over, enjoy each other's moment and body.

Disguises between erotic games

An ideal game to stimulate the couple in a visual (and also mental) way. You can try to dress in the other's fantasy or to stimulate the imagination through professions, characters, etc. Diving into the role and acting a little can also be exciting.

On top of that, you can try to surprise your partner. How? Finding out what her fantasy is and bringing it to life. If this is accompanied by a relaxing atmosphere and sensual music, success is guaranteed!

Erotic massage

Experimenting with the body allows us to make mental fantasies. A nice (erotic) massage stimulates and rekindles desire and passion. Ideal for foreplay, it's about creating an environment suitable for the moment, with music, incense, candles and giving your partner a massage.

Body oils can also be used (there is a wide range of aphrodisiac oils). The key to this massage is not to rush and enjoy your partner's body and the sensations it causes. Slow and delicate massages can be combined with others that are stronger.

Cold or hot?

One of the most exciting erotic games. It is a game through which oral sex can be practiced in an alternative way. How? Putting ice in the mouth and then drinking a hot drink, so that the inside of the mouth is cold and hot at the same time.

You can combine both temperatures and experiment with oral sex. As always, the important thing in this context is to let go and not hold back.

Erotic games: passion and trust

To enjoy intercourse, you need to strengthen trust with your partner, establish sincere communication (don't be afraid or ashamed to say what we like and what we don't like!). But above all let yourself be carried away by the moment and by the sensations.

Including erotic games in the relationship can be a good way to rekindle the passion, as we can disconnect from the routine and improve personal and partner knowledge. Let's not forget that the brain likes surprises, and behind the surprise there can be hidden a path that leads to arousal and pleasure.

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