Energy foods, what they are

Energy foods, what they are

What is better eat before a workout? What are the foods that can give us energy during the change of seasons? Let's find out the energy foods, namely the foods that can help us give your best in physical activity and in case of psychophysical fatigue.


Nutrition and sport: the energy of food

Power it is very important for all biological processes in our body, it is the first aspect of the lifestyle to be treated to stay fit and healthy and it is obviously also fundamental in relation to sporting activity.

Carbohydrates, proteins e i grassi taken with food are the macronutrients from which our body obtains the energy it needs for all activities, including sports. Through food we ensure our body the necessary energy to perform any job and clearly both the quantity and the quality of the food we consume are important

Those who play sports occasionally, or in any case in a non-competitive way, it does not need a particular diet or even to take supplements: it is in fact sufficient to follow a balanced and correct diet in relation to their energy needs.

The need for daily caloriese, which is obtained from the basal metabolic rate added to the level of physical activity, and calories are distributed throughout the day in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, taking into account that between one meal and the next 3,5-4 hours should elapse and that the diet should provide about 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein.

Before physical exercise, to ensure energy to the body without weighing down, a light snack rich in simple carbohydrates can be useful: one or two squares of dark chocolate or a handful of dehydrated fruit for intense but short efforts, a bar made from dried fruit, oil seeds e honey if you must accomplish one prolonged effort, I am examples of energy foods that can be eaten before sports.

Instead, foods rich in fats, overly seasoned foods, processed sweets and, more generally, foods that make digestion slower and more difficult should be avoided.


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Energy foods: foods to face the change of season

During the season changes many people feel greater physical and mental fatigue that can be counteracted with the right foods.

regain energy during spring it is advisable to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the body with the right amount of Vitamins e minerals, essential substances for our body.

In the morning for breakfast we can use honey to sweeten the tea to recharge immediately after waking up: alternatively, honey can also be consumed spread on rusks or mixed with natural yogurt.

To avoid falling asleep after lunch due to slow and difficult digestion, it is better to avoid large meals, too elaborate or very seasoned: for example, at work you can bring salads cereals e vegetable, seasonal vegetables dressed with olive oil and a fruit.

Also for the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks better stay away from packaged snacks, snacks and sweets: better opt for fruit, a square of chocolate or 30 grams of natural dried fruit, such as walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts or pistachios.

We can accompany the snacks with a cup of green tea, coffee o ginseng, stimulating drinks that further help you face the day with more energy.


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