Empty people make a lot of noise

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“One day, while I was walking with my father, he stopped in a curve before coming to an old and deserted road. Then he asked me: - In addition to the song of birds, the sun and the scent of flowers, do you feel something else my daughter? I looked around and after a few seconds I replied: - I hear the noise of the street. "That's right," my father said. - This is an empty street. I asked how he knew the street was empty, as we hadn't seen it yet. Then my father replied: - It is very easy to understand when a street is empty, because of the noise. The more empty a street is, the more noise it makes. Years passed, I grew up and my father died. Today when I hear someone who talks too much, always interrupting the conversation of others, in an inappropriate way, who brags or tries to be the center of attention, I seem to hear my father repeat: “The more the street is empty the more noise it will make.” You have probably met people so during your life or maybe you too have behaved this way at some point in your life empty people they are those who do not listen to others, who just want to hear their voice. They surround themselves with a lot of people out of fear of loneliness, but they don't really bother getting to know them in depth. Some adopt an arrogant attitude while others brag about their achievements, which they sometimes hide under a false mask of modesty. In fact, the classic phrase "in my humble opinion" shows nothing but pride in disguise. Generally these people need to make a lot of noise, they need to impose their point of view because they feel very insecure, because they are emotionally empty, and when they look inside they are afraid of what they see. They are people who always have the TV on or loud music at home, not because they like it, but because they feel less alone. Noise is a shield used to protect themselves from silence and therefore from themselves.These people tend to behave selfishly and often accumulate a lot of frustration, envy and resentment. Obviously, all feelings that lead nowhere, they simply make them feel bad and distance them from others.They are used to giving priority to themselves, to satisfy their needs that always come before those of others, they let themselves be carried away. from the frenetic pace of life in which there is no room for reflection and to establish deep relationships. Therefore, they build what are known as "liquid relationships", that is, they maintain friendship or couple relationships based on very fragile ties that end to break quickly. As soon as a person stops meeting their needs, they stop being interesting and they move on to a new relationship. They are always looking for new external stimuli, because that way they don't have to look within.

The more empty the piggy bank is, the more noise it makes

Humility is a great virtue. Successful people, the real one, who made them grow, don't need to go around flaunting their achievements, because they feel good about themselves. They don't seek approval, they accept and love themselves as they are. And this is enough for him: in fact, humility is not banality, but simplicity in greatness. Practicing humility means taking responsibility for doing things, rather than telling the whole world we will do them, it means compromising yourself and not expecting more satisfaction than a job well done. Knowing how to listen, being receptive to the messages of others and respecting silences denotes humility and maturity. It is those things that inspire trust in others and make us good people. Humility also involves acknowledging and accepting our shortcomings, weaknesses and limitations. It predisposes us to question everything we had given for certain. If we tend to be presumptuous or arrogant, humility will encourage us to keep our mouths shut and talk about our successes only when asked. It also pushes us to be brief and not to go too far, to give others the opportunity to speak too.The interesting thing is that, while we cultivate humility and make room for silence, we learn from our mistakes and grow. Suddenly we no longer feel the need to argue, to impose our opinions or to be right at all costs. We open up to the opinions of others and explore new ways of seeing and coping with life that we probably didn't even know existed.

Humility as a method to reach your essence

People who talk a lot, who make a lot of noise, don't show their essence. Actually what their ego is talking about. Their essence is hidden behind various layers of resentment, insecurity and vanity.The best way to reach our essence, develop a humble attitude and enrich ourselves as people, is to search within ourselves. If life is meaningless, acknowledge it. If you feel empty, accept it. It is important not to keep looking away and hiding these feelings, because delusion is nothing more than a deficit of honesty. Continuing to deceive ourselves will only increase the problems. Of course, honesty can be painful at first. It is difficult to recognize that our life has no meaning, that we are wrong or that we feel empty. However, in the medium term, it is a liberating step that allows us to face the truth, revealing to ourselves who we really are and how we relate to others and to ourselves. Increasing personal knowledge has a therapeutic effect. First of all, the fear of looking inward and recognizing our "dark side" diminishes. It also prevents us from continuing to wear a mask with which we aim to please others, frees us from the need for acceptance and relieves social pressure.Finally, humility prevents us from continuing to sweep our emotional conflicts under the carpet. It gives us the necessary strength to challenge and grow. In fact, when you take this path it is likely that you will find that you no longer need to justify yourself in front of others when they point out your weaknesses, because you feel confident and know yourself. because those who have so much inside do not feel the need to bring out everything.
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