Emphasize: Studying less but better

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Many people complain because they pass
hours studying but this effort is not rewarded at the time of the exam. There
the key lies in the techniques used. Maybe they don't know the strategies
more adequate or simply apply techniques that are not suitable for them
learning method.

In one way or another, the underlining technique is excellent and
works with most students. It is effective even when
we have to prepare ourselves to answer a job questionnaire. This technique
it will help you to carry out an analysis of the text and to summarize the key points
of the same. It must be said that emphasize consists in highlighting some words in the text,
sentences or part of it, which we wish to learn in depth. For
this, the less text we underline, the more likely we are to forget the
content in question. In a general sense, the technique of
underlining brings us back great advantages: - Promotes active study since it
makes it more motivating - Allows you to differentiate ideas
main - Increases concentration during the
reading - Simplifies memorization - Facilitates review Of course. When referring to the
underlining as a study technique, this implies: - Reading and understanding the ideas you are
present in the text. Remember that there is no point in emphasizing those ideas
that you have not understood. - Select only the parts really
important. If you underline too much information, you are in danger of having to
re-read all of the text and you will likely remember less content. Tips to emphasize effectively - The ideal is that you underline during
the second reading, because if you do it to the first, you will probably end with
mark irrelevant content. Once you know what the coast is all about
the text, you will be able to extract the really important concepts. - 
Make a comprehensive reading. This means you won't have to
point out ideas or concepts that you do not understand. - Use highlighters from
different colors to separate the main and essential concepts from the ideas
secondary. - Avoid books or articles that
have already been pointed out by others, since in this way there is no
you would concentrate on the ideas that are important to you.
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