Emotional immune system: how to strengthen it

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Emotional immune system: how to strengthen it

Last update: June 16, 2018

Science has proven it and we try it every day: emotions are contagious. The most extreme example in this sense are the cases of general "stampede" typical of man. A couple of people scream and start running, causing panic, and immediately everyone around them starts running away for no reason. Sometimes, the consequences of these episodes can be dire. This is why it is important to strengthen the emotional immune system.

Without reaching the extremes of the example just cited, every day we have evidence of the contagion ofemotional states. We owe it to mirror neurons, which mimic and appropriate other people's emotions. For this reason, the group affects the individual so much and our best defense can only be an excellent emotional immune system.

"As a contagion of disease procures disease, a contagion of faith can give faith."

-Marianne Moore-

Some people are more impervious than others to the moods of the group. They manage to remain immutable. The ability to resist these influences depends on the state of our emotional immune system. If he is strong, he is more independent. If it is weak, we are more easily infected. How, then, to strengthen this system? Today we give you some tips on how to do it.

How to strengthen the emotional immune system


Being infected by the happiness and optimism of others is a positive thing. What it isn't is allowing stress to infect us, boredom or pessimism. Unfortunately, some negative emotions, such as anguish, are much more easily infected than positive ones.

One way to strengthen the emotional immune system is to prevent ourselves from getting involved in the mood of others, starting with ourselves. Which emotions are the most prevalent in our daily life? Which ones do we infect others with?

Exaggerate the signs of good humor

The advice is to start exercising more control over our emotions. To do this, there is nothing better than to induce ourselves into positive moods. Keeping ourselves in a good mood makes us stronger.

A very good technique is to overdo it a little. Smile, even if you don't feel like it. Thank the universe and life for everything, even just for the little things that happen to us every day. Be nice to people we don't usually be. All of this strengthens our emotional immune system.

Avoid criticism and the struggle for power

Nothing poisons emotions like criticism and gossip. This is an extremely bad exercise. Today we do it, but tomorrow we could be the victims. It is neither good nor useful to favor heavy and negative environments.

The struggles for small powers also destabilize a lot. Being superior to others brings no merit. We will always be above someone and below someone else. It is inevitable. On the contrary, wasting time in useless power battles to impose ourselves or to prevent them from imposing on us makes us lose vitality, developing a heavy and negative atmosphere.

Focus on what you do well

The best way to strengthen the emotional immune system is to become promoters of positive emotions and encouraging moods. To do this, the advice is to focus on all the positive aspects of your being, your personality and your actions.

Without realizing it, others will also reciprocate our attitude and, without us asking, we will begin to see the best in others. It is a technique that rarely fails. It involves a simple focus on what's best, on what works. This analysis always brings benefits.

Learn to communicate negative feelings

It is inevitable every now and then to be attacked by some heavy and negative emotions, with which we then infect others. Stress, depression, anger, resentment or any pessimistic feeling that goes through our heads.

The advice in these cases is to try to reduce the intensity of these emotions. Taking five minutes to breathe deeply is a great idea in this regard. A gesture that allows us to oxygenate ourselves better and that helps to balance the body. As a result, we will be able to stabilize our emotions as well. Afterward, think about how to express those feelings, in the most constructive way possible.

All of these techniques have no other purpose than to strengthen the emotional immune system. If we turn into light, we will receive light from others. We must not forget that what we do to others, we also do to ourselves.

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