Emotional catharsis: what is it and how does it help us?

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Emotional catharsis: what is it and how does it help us?

Last update: May 19, 2017

It has happened to everyone on some occasion to start crying because emotions had taken over and not being able to avoid it, not only that, not being able to stop crying. It is possible that anger or rage also caused us to have an intense emotional explosion that caused us to lose control. These experiences are part of the phenomenon known as emotional catharsis.

Emotional catharsis is a process in which our emotions show themselves in the purest way possible, therefore it usually occurs in situations where the malaise is very intense. Since it is an intense expression of emotion, it turns out to be very disturbing for some people, who even come to think that catharsis is dangerous.

Despite being very spectacular, a process of emotional catharsis is never dangerous, but has a cathartic function, as the name indicates. It helps us to know and express what we feel, pushing us beyond the intellectualization of the adverse situations we live in. In other words, let's put the repression aside and really begin to express all the emotional torrent that we hold within us.

One of the main concerns of those who submit to psychological therapy for the first time is that the emotional catharsis takes possession of the individual and it is not possible to give logic to his speech. However, in most cases, what is sought in a therapeutic process is the recognition and validation of emotions, with the aim of identifying the experiences that cause malaise.

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