Emotional autonomy: The secret of a healthy relationship

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When people don't have enough self-control they tend to want to control everything around them, which means they want to control others. This is typical behavior of insecure people, especially from an emotional point of view. In fact, the most dominant and jealous people in a relationship are the most insecure while the most authoritarian leaders are also the least capable.The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: since these people do not know how to control themselves and are often victims of their own insecurities. and fears, they try to do everything to control their surroundings. Obviously, this creates many problems for them in interpersonal relationships and they gradually manage to stifle the independence of those around them. Until we reach a point where they rebel e
they demand the freedom to which they are entitled. Sometimes this situation has dragged on for years in such a way that when the rope is too tight, the relationship can break irreparably. In order not to take on the role of possessive controller, one of the main characteristics we need to develop is what is known as "emotional autonomy."

What is emotional autonomy?

Emotional autonomy is a radically opposite concept to emotional dependence, it is the ability to feel, think and make decisions on your own. Emotionally autonomous people are able to manage their emotions and feel confident in their choices and goals.Being emotionally autonomous does not mean not being able to maintain an emotional relationship, but rather building a relationship of interdependence. than an emotional addiction. That is, do not depend on the other person, do not link our happiness or unhappiness to changes in the other person's mood, do not subordinate our objective desires to the other person.It is worth remembering that in a relationship, it is normal to feel sad if the other person is not feeling well, or trying to change some of our goals to achieve a common goal. However, the emotionally dependent person lives exclusively for the other, creating an unhealthy relationship that cannot contribute anything; on the contrary, those who are emotionally autonomous are able to provide security and stability to the relationship and enrich the couple, because they do not cancel themselves. and does not try to cancel the other person.
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