Eliminate Love Handles | 5 Simple Steps

By healthiergang writer Deborah Cimino, student in Nutrition Sciences.

Eliminate Love Handles

In this article we will address one of the most debated issues in the fitness field!

Eliminating excess fat is difficult, requires perseverance and time and is therefore one of the most often abandoned goals; however, there are solutions that can work extremely effectively! Let's see them together ...

5 Simple Steps

The abdomen, especially in men, is the site of fat accumulation. Excess fat is also concentrated in the hips, giving rise to the so-called so-hated love handles, a blemish for many annoying.

As everyone knows, proper nutrition and regular physical activity become success factors also in this case, however, it is necessary to act in a targeted way to effectively reduce the waistline.

1. Train your abs

Many think that training the abdominals in training sessions is often useless and unnecessary for the "thinning" of the waist.

Often this concept is confused: performing abdominal sessions without combining exercises with weights, interval training and aerobic activities becomes of little use for the purposes of our goal.

This is why it is essential to work in synergy, combining aerobic workouts, alternating different muscle groups in order to act on 360 °.

The fat-burning activity of these activities, alternating with medium / high intensity in combination with weights, carry out actions of definition and increase of lean mass.

A type of training focused on this alternation (aerobic-anaerobic-weighting) inserted in everyday life keeps abdominal fat at a minimum.

This is why, carrying out only cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical trainer ..) does not give the desired results and often leads us to abandon our goals!

Combining aerobic exercises with others aimed at muscle hypertrophy is the best way to raise your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

At this point, it is necessary to specify that, in order to be prepared for summer, it is necessary to work hard at least 6 months before, also based on the extent of the problem.

2. Drink

This is a truly fundamental stage. Many people, during the course of the day, drink half a liter of water if they drink it. This is very wrong. It is necessary to drink at least 2 or 3 liters. Because we lose fluids all the time, because waste accumulates in our body and it is necessary to clean it, because water dissolves salts and deflates the body by expelling excess fluids with urine.

It should be noted that it means natural water, at most slimming and slimming herbal teas, fruit and vegetable centrifuged to integrate salts and vitamins if you do a lot of sport, but absolutely forbidden: alcohol, carbonated and sugary drinks.

3. Aerobic Physical Activity

In order to define the waistline it is necessary to practice aerobic activity at least 3 times a week. The key word is consistency. Sessions of 30/45 minutes are sufficient.

The type of activity is not important, the important thing is to move!

Effective are running, swimming, brisk walking on the treadmill.

The important thing is not to drop below 140 bpm (beats per minute), in order not to lose the fat-burning effect of the activity.

If you are not very trained, you can prepare your breath gradually, from 15 minutes by increasing the duration of the sessions from time to time.

I always recommend that you include at least a couple of circuit workouts of up to 45 minutes each in your fitness routine; this type of training in fact, works in synergy with weights and minimal recovery, in order to keep the heart rate high and make your body become an authentic fat-burning machine!

Also try to change the intensity of your cardio activity often, if for example you usually run on the treadmill for 50 minutes, or use the rowing machine, try to alternate maximum speed peaks with moments of recovery, in order to stimulate your body to burn more without creating a stalemate given by the monotony of intensity.

4. Balanced Diet

Fortunately, to get rid of excess fat and love handles, you don't need to go hungry or make big sacrifices that would only slow your metabolism.

The choice of healthy foods low in fat is fundamental to limit the accumulation of fat.

Therefore avoid highly seasoned, fatty, fried and sweet foods. Sausages, butter, cheeses, etc. They would only increase your fat stores.

Forget about saturated fats, learn to read labels!

Limit as much pizza, baked goods and focaccia as possible; therefore favor slow-absorbing whole-grain products such as cereals and rice.

Do not completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, no macronutrient must be missing in your body for it to function optimally.

Replace fatty meats with lean ones. Consuming protein is key when exercising. Choose chicken, fish, turkey and lean cuts of red meat.

5. Focused Exercises

In conjunction with the above, you can perform some targeted exercises for the abdomen and waist.

There are various types of exercises aimed at the various abdominal bands.

It is essential to carry out for each session: oblique, lower and upper abdominals.

In addition to these, various torso twists, twists and front lunges can be performed.

Vary your training often so that you can work on always different areas with a harmonious result.

You can perform a stretching exercise that serves to stretch the hips and attack the fat that accumulates on the waist: standing, legs together and arms stretched upwards, flex the torso to the left and then to the right. Perform slow movements, the gaze must remain frontal and the arms must remain straight.

Or again, with the use of a mat, sitting on your heels resting your hands on the ground, rotate your torso to the right and to the left. The rotation of the torso must be complete by rotating the head as well.

Great exercises like bike crunches and all variations of plank.


It is important to remember that any goal you have set for yourself requires perseverance, commitment and hard work.

Like any challenge in life, it must be cultivated and never abandoned. Once you have achieved your goals, remember to maintain a lifestyle based on healthy choices, based on proper nutrition and lots of sport.

You will be rewarded with such great satisfaction that you can never go back, making your routine a healthy physical and mental habit!

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