Electric cheese graters: the 3 best

Did you know that with electric graters you can shred not only cheese, but also bread or even chocolate?

"I really appreciated the light and easy to handle models that do not tire the hand and arm during use and those in which the ignition is activated without having to exaggerate the handle. In all of them, however, I found the undeniable convenience of being able to serve the portion directly on the plate»Says the tester. «I have also taken into consideration the ease and speed of cleaning, preferring models with different removable pieces ».

A targeted choice

For these appliances at the time of purchase it is important to consider some factors.

“These are usually portable devices that they must be light and easy to handle: the weight should oscillate between 700 and 900 grams », they advise Euronics experts . "As for the material, most are made of plastic, which, contrary to what one might believe, resists very well to bumps and falls. The accessories supplied are another important factor to consider when choosing an electric grater. In low cost models they are usually present one or two interchangeable rollers with different toothing, to allow grating foods of different grain and consistency ».

G3Ferrari Parmino G20065


The strong point

The various uses

Rounded, compact and with ergonomic handle, it does not tire the arm. Supplied with a fine-grained roller for grating cheese, hard bread, dried fruit and dark chocolate and a coarse-grained roller for soft cheeses, it manages to shred everything very well even if the operation
it's a bit slow. All accessories can be assembled and disassembled very easily, making the appliance very practical, especially for cleaning.

Aries 447 Gratì 2.0.



The strong point

Save space


It can be placed vertically, minimizing the clutter on the kitchen top. Thanks to the long autonomy it grates up to 1 kg of cheese. It is convenient to perfectly dose the portion directly into the plate, it is not very noisy and it is easily disassembled to wash the parts even in the dishwasher. On first use, the battery must first be recharged for at least 24 hours, after which time for a full charge is approximately 16 hours. The device is not very light but it is very easy to handle and does not tire the arm.

Girmi GT01


The strong point


Lightweight, because it weighs only 750 grams, and with an ergonomic handle that is particularly comfortable, it is equipped with two interchangeable stainless steel rollers and therefore it is possible to grate cheeses of different grain and consistency, depending on the need. It recharges in 4/5 hours and is supplied with a well-explained instruction manual for both use and maintenance. Grater well, but unfortunately some residue remains in the roller to be removed manually.

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