Einkorn wheat: properties, use and where to find it

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Einkorn wheat or spelled is a variety of ancient wheat with a low gluten content, scientifically known as Triticum Monococcum and commonly referred to as "small spelled", due to its resemblance to classic spelled.

It is a cereal of the Graminaceae family, born in the fertile crescent of Middle East, between today's Iran, Iraq and Turkey, thousands of years ago, so much to be one of the first forms of wheat grown together with spelled.

Having a low gluten content, it does not rise very much, but it is rich in nutrients - phosphorus, potassium and beta-carotene, among others - and well digestible.

Also it is a rustic grain and well suited to cultivation techniques with low environmental impact or biological. It is now grown in many parts of the world, from the Provencal Alps, to Lombardy, Tuscany and Piedmont.


Where is the monococcus wheat found

Einkorn wheat can be bought in grains, but also in the form of flour or in processed products like pasta. It is easily found in shops specializing in organic and natural food, but also online.

This cereal lends itself to various recipes: it is used as an ingredient in soups, think of the classic Tuscan spelled soup, but with the small einkorn spelled, or for salads, but also for everyday pasta, which is not only fragrant and pleasant to the palate .

It does not require soaking, just put the wheat grains in a pot with twice their volume of cooking water and cook for about 30-40 minutes.


Einkorn wheat and celiac disease

According to research published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research it has been found that theapart from the protein of the gluten of the monococcus wheat is destroyed during the food digestion process, which is not the case with soft wheat.

However, this type of wheat is not suitable for celiacs, but is well suited to those who have digestive problems or have a genetic predisposition. However, researchers are continuing to learn about this fantastic and precious cereal.


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