Einkorn or enkir spelled: properties and how to use it

Einkorn or enkir spelled: properties and how to use it

The characteristics of einkorn spelled

Il einkorn spelled it is a progenitor cereal of the current wheat, belonging to the genus Triticum, of which there are different varieties grouped according to the level of ploids: einkorn spelled is a diploid wheat.  


The scientific name is Triticum monococcum and also known as spelled small dress.


Einkorn spelled has been the staple food of the Romans for centuries and has been cultivated since ancient times for its characteristics of resistance and adaptability: einkorn spelled grows well even in poor soils and withstands cold temperatures.


Einkorn spelled can be found on the market in grains such as hulled and pearled spelled or with the trade names of enkir and shebar, registered trademarks of products grown respectively in the Piedmont area and in the Brescia area.


From spelled is also obtained a flour (spelled flour or enkir or shebar flour) with a yellow color, due to the high concentration of carotenoids. With the spelled flour it is possible to prepare bread, leavened products and pasta. 


Einkorn spelled, properties and how to use it

From a nutritional point of view, the einkorn spelled it is a cereal particularly rich in proteins, as well as carbohydrates and fibers. 


Spelled contains also Vitamins, including carotenoids and tocopherols, and minerals, particularly zinc, iron and manganese.


Einkorn spelled does not seem to contain the amino acid sequences responsible for celiac disease, but its consumption it is not suitable for people intolerant to gluten.


THEglycemic index of einkorn spelled o enkir is quite high and is equal to 65, a value similar to that of other cereals and wholemeal or semi-wholemeal bread.


I spelled grains monococco are consumed after cooking and are used to prepare soups, soups and salads.


La spelled flour, which is obtained by grinding the grains, is instead used to make fresh or dried pasta like wheat, or bread and bakery products.


Both the grains and the spelled flour they are bought in grocery stores, in stores specializing in the sale of organic food and online. 


Cooking einkorn spelled

Before proceeding with the cooking of einkorn spelled, È necessario wash the beans under running water to remove impurities.


After that, the spelled must be left to soak for at least six hours with a quantity of water equal to double the volume of the beans. After soaking, the spelled is cooked by boiling the grains in salted water for about an hour over low heat and with the lid on.


Once cooked, spelled can be used for prepare various recipes including salads and soups or single dishes based on spelled and vegetables.


With spelled flour, or enkir flour, they also prepare fresh or dried pasta dishes which require cooking similar to that of wheat pasta or other cereals. 


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