Eggs, a healthy food

Eggs, a healthy food

Le eggs they are a food of great nutritional value. Egg occupies the first place on the scale of foods with a high biological value: one egg provides about 7 g of protein containing all the essential amino acids, those that the body cannot produce on its own, and all usable. Let's see all its properties.


Properties of the egg

Excellent is the content of Vitamins, in particular A and E, which have an antioxidant action. Good quantity of vitamin B1, necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses and vitamin D, which allows calcium to be fixed in the bones. On the other hand, vitamin C is absent.

The egg is rich in mineral salts including phosphorus, which is necessary for bone formation. It has a fair amount of iron, in an easily assimilable form.

It is a good source of zinc, a mineral essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

I grassi they make up about 10% of the egg content. Of these 70% are lecithins, necessary to maintain the elasticity of the arteries.

The egg shell is made up of 90% of calcium carbonate, which pulverized can be taken as a remineralizer. For this purpose, the shell of a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg is used.


How and when to consume eggs

The egg is highly digestible, because its substances are used by the body at 95%, a very high percentage when compared to the possibilities of assimilation of other foods. The best way to take full advantage of their properties is to consume them soft-boiled.

If you are sure that the egg is of the day, you can consume the raw yolk. The egg white, on the other hand, must always be cooked to be assimilated, in fact it contains a substance, theavidina, which, if the egg white is consumed raw, prevents its complete use by the body.

The egg is viewed with suspicion by many people for its content in cholesterol, which is around 270 mg: a not excessive amount if you do not consume more than 3-4 eggs per week, also taking into account those contained in prepared foods, for example biscuits, mayonnaise or puddings.

Many people believe that the egg does liver pain. Its bad reputation is due to the fact that stimulates the production of cholecystokinin, a substance that causes the gallbladder to contract. If there are stones inside this, the contraction of the blister causes pain.

The egg then is not in itself responsible for the disorder, rather it gives an alarm signal that warns of the presence of the problem.


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