Eating less: a curious strategy

Most people who go on a diet
to lose weight wonders how to go about eat
. Obviously, a fair amount of willpower is required, but
there are also several psychological tricks that help you eat less and less
ingesting too many calories.

What is certain is that most of us eat well
automatic. For example, when we are watching a movie we swallow quantities
huge popcorn. But now, a new study has taken ours under the microscope
eating habits and showed how these can be changed. The researchers recruited a total of 158
volunteers who would have seen films locked in a room or in a cinema. TO
all were given popcorn; one group was given some old popcorn and
rancid while the other bands were given fresh, crunchy popcorn. It goes
pointed out that some of the participants were regular popcorn users
and others don't. The curious fact was that regular consumers of
they ate a lot of popcorn without worrying too much about the quality, too
when they realized he was old. Anyway, another detail was
that people ate more in the cinema than those locked in the room.
According to the researchers, these results show what habits are
stimulated by the context (in this case the cinema) and are immune to certain
circumstances such as hunger or food quality. They later carried out a second experiment,
practically identical to the first, except that half of the
people were asked to eat popcorn with their non-dominant hand; that is, if
they were right, with the left and vice versa. This simple manipulation limited the execution
automatic habit of eating while watching a movie. Thus, it was possible
find that people who used the non-dominant hand ate a lot
less. According to the researchers this would be due to the fact that the simple
change of scenery has gotten to reduce the desire to eat. In summary, all those who are wondering how to do it
to eat less, now they have a curious strategy available, very simple:
stop all habits that help strengthen the habit of
to eat. In this case, it may be enough to change the scenario or eat with
a different hand from the one usually used. If we add to this other psychological strategies
very simple, like eliminating quantity mentally,
eat in well-lit rooms, use cutlery and small plates and
avoid distractions such as watching TV or working on the computer while we eat,
then we can perhaps follow our diet more easily.
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