Don't keep wrongs done by others inside

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Don't keep wrongs done by others inside

Last update: 07 March, 2016

In large part, we are made of what others leave in us: of what we allow to settle within us and of what, in our opinion, does not deserve a second more than the time we have already dedicated to it.

They teach us to defend ourselves, as well as to love, but sometimes they forget to inculcate in our mind the wise pleasure of ignoring.. This is why, on some occasions, we move within dangerous and absolutist parameters: a thing is good or bad, disastrous or incredible, cruel or kind.

This way of analyzing reality is a source of bad jokes, because knowing how to tolerate the ambiguity of what happens in our lives is the first step to move forward and to prevent the world from becoming a continuous and tiring struggle. Others don't always think about who we are and how we feel. Each of us is engaged in our own struggle which, at times, is not ours.

This is why we must give ourselves the opportunity to live lighter and more passionate in the present. Do not keep inside the wrongs that others have done to you: keep smiling and move on. Give yourself a breather and teach others a lesson.

Not keeping everything inside means knowing how to live

Not keeping everything that happens to us inside means observing as a spectator what, perhaps, we are not able to tolerate from the point of view of the one and tormented protagonist. The world is full of battles and we must be intelligent enough to be able to choose ours and those of others ... Only by keeping your spirit clean, will you be able to help others too.

"Be kind, because everyone you meet is facing a tough battle"


If we take seriously all the wrongs that others want to do us, we will be more broken people than whole. Accepting the fact that there are people who will never feel empathy either for our situation or for our struggle is a door on a path made of hope: it allows us to choose our spiritual allies more quickly, without resentment and drawing the maximum vital joy from their company.

Not keeping inside the wrongs done by others does not mean not seeing them. What hurts us is automatic, we are not the ones who allow emotional pain to hurt us or not, just as we cannot stop our hand from moving away from a hot plate following the body's automatic response when it comes into contact with heat and with physical pain.

However, if we are able to move our hand in time when there is a risk of burning ourselves, why do we sometimes give our minds and souls to the flames of resentment and wrong? Why not accept that feeling hurt and offended is a normal reaction and that, instead, continuing to stand there is dangerous?

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