Don't be conditioned by fear!

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Don't be conditioned by fear!

Last update: July 02, 2015

"If you don't realize what matters, life is stupid, if you let go of what you want most ..." are some lines of a song by Kiko Veneno, a Spanish musician. As you know, folk songs and wisdom are full of great truths and one of them is that sometimes fear paralyzes us..

Changing our "safe zone", even if it's hellish, involves some effort and scares us. We have become accustomed to this feeling of security and the risk of losing it terrifies us. We do not think, however, that perhaps on the other side of the mountain a beautiful landscape is waiting for us, with more lights and more colors, a different landscape.

It could be a new job, a new love that you love us as we really deserve, a move to another country or city that offers us all the opportunities we've been waiting for a lifetime..

Don't miss it! Especially if you believe it is really worth it. Life is like Russian roulette that distributes luck, but never regret what you have done rather than what you have not done..

Play this video, turn up the volume to the maximum, dance and laugh at your fears!

When you make important decisions, crucial to your life, the simple satisfaction of having overcome the fear of the unknown that you had will make you grow as a person; you will feel much better and your self-esteem will look like a balloon that has blown up thanks to the joy of making it.

Remember how lonely you were and you were afraid to start swimming, to get on a bicycle, on the first day of school or when you wondered what your first kiss would be like and you were scared, if you would make a difference in the football team ... Did you take the risk and did it? You sure felt a lot better, right?

Now it is the same thing, you have to think that the fear is only in your head, that you are often your own worst enemy, you and the obstacles you impose on yourself, higher than they really are. It is true that you may like stories full of fear, terror, pride and shame, but don't miss what you want because of the fear.!

Don't let the love slip away if it comes, don't let that job slip away for fear of not being up to it. Breathe deeply, look in the mirror, smile and move on. Don't miss anything!

Because, if you think about it, life doesn't have that many secrets. You just have to be willing to discover them.

And many times, life makes sense precisely because of the wonderful opportunities that suddenly occur and that make us rejuvenate better than a facelift, but it is a "lifting for the soul", so it is worth much more.!

“Love drives away fear and, reciprocally, fear drives away love. And fear doesn't just defeat love; even intelligence, goodness, all thoughts of beauty and truth, are only mute despair; and, finally, fear comes to expel man from humanity itself. "

Aldous Huxley

How to overcome fear?

Fear is a natural reaction for humans. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of change. But when the fear is boundless and paralyzes, then it must be faced. But how can fear be overcome?

  • Accept the fact that you are afraid, nothing happens, this is the first step to recognize it and face it.
  • Identify your fear well: what scares you?
  • Think of the worst that could happen to you if things weren't as you expected and how you would solve them, this will give you confidence.. For example: “if I change my job and it goes badly, how many months of unemployment do I have left? Where could I work before finding something stable? ”.

"The brave man is not the one who does not feel fear, but the one who manages to overcome it."

Nelson Mandela

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