Does winning the lottery prize solve our problems?


In times of economic crisis, lotteries increase their prominence because they offer people something essential: illusion, hope, faith in change, the possibility of living in a better future and forgetting the present that becomes sadder every day. But going back in history, you would know when it was born lottery? It is said that around the year 190 BC the Chinese were the first to establish a pattern of drawing in which five numbers had to be chosen from the 90 available. Later, in the 1800th century in Italy, what was called the Primitive Lottery was played for the first time. Later, in the early 13s, the lottery arrived in Spain by Charles III, in order to be used as a means of raising funds. This is how the modern lottery developed in that period and spread rapidly all over the world.Today the lottery is widespread and played everywhere, there are different forms and innumerable variants and for some years it is also possible to play the lottery online, directly on the Internet. But let's try to take an in-depth look at the unlikely opportunities that luck offers us through the lottery. How much are the sums raised by the various lotteries? Contrary to what one thinks, in one in recent years in Argentina for example, a prize pool of 300 million pesos was collected while in Spain some prizes defined as gordos (fatty) have exceeded 22,5 million euros, and this is only 117% of the total raised from the sale of the lottery in this country. A few years ago in Italy, the superenalotto offered one of the greatest prizes in history, XNUMX million euros. Of course, the premiums increase as these figures increase. A good connoisseur a few words.

Let's now look at the profile of people who play the lottery

Surprisingly, according to a recent statistic, those earning a minimum wage of around $ 10.000 a year invest more than 3% of their entrances in one lottery among many. People with a rather low cultural level often play the game, individuals who are probably not fully aware of what the real odds are. win a lottery prize.

How does the life of people who win the lottery change?

Still according to the statistics, and regardless of the amount of the winnings, shortly after having collected the prize the87% of people who win the lottery end up returning to the economic condition they were in before winning or even go bankrupt, that is, they lose everything, including what they had before winning the lottery. 35% of these recognize that they were better off before cashing out the prize, while that one in four winners falls victim to alcohol, drugs and one harmful lifestyle that makes him unhappy. This happens because the person who wins the lottery he continues to be, essentially, the same person as before, but after winning he finds himself in his hands a capital that he does not know how to manage and that becomes a source of stress. Managing a large sum of money without any experience in this regard requires having new skills. If you are not a person who is open to change and flexible, it will be difficult for you to face these new responsibilities. In the same way, our interpersonal relationships will also change. The others will see us as the “new rich” of the situation (like a chicken to be plucked) and will relate to us starting from this image. They will likely turn into people who demand more and accuse us of being selfish. If we are not experienced in managing interpersonal relationships, these will turn into an additional source of stress.People play the lottery because they want to escape from a sad and frustrating reality, they are looking for an illusion, they want to believe in the possibility that life can change in a moment as if by magic. It is more comforting for them to believe in the possibility of earning a fortune without making too much effort than to imagine how much they will have to work to achieve even a small part of their dreams. acknowledge that they have not been able to successfully undertake any business. So we think that a large amount of cash will solve all our problems, when our difficulties are not due to having more or less money, but rather to our inability to understand, manage and deal with life. that someone feels the desire to buy a lottery ticket think carefully about these points to avoid becoming the next easy rich person who in a few years loses everything and falls into despair.
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