Does meditation improve interpersonal relationships?

Does meditation improve interpersonal relationships?

Do you want to improve your interpersonal relationships? Is insecurity a problem for you? Meditation can be of great help in these cases.

Does meditation improve interpersonal relationships?

Last update: April 13, 2022

Some of the benefits of meditation are popular. This discipline, in fact, is known for being able to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to this, by meditating every day, positive changes can be observed in the attitude towards unforeseen circumstances. Does it mean that meditation improves interpersonal relationships?

When we think about meditation, our aim is to gain benefits for ourselves, such as reducing stress or managing emotions better. However, we forget that meditation improves interpersonal relationships. How?

Meditation and its relationship with empathy

According to science, though the human being is born with a biological predisposition to develop empathy, the experiences and the environment in which it grows are decisive. Today we know that empathy can be increased through meditation.

This is because meditation improves interpersonal relationships since encourages the development of compassion and active listening, that is, we listen carefully without expressing judgments and with a predisposition to acceptance.

By doing this with ourselves, we also do it with others, because we open ourselves to listening without criticizing the actions of others. On top of that, meditation makes you open to other people's experiences, behaviors and attitudes.

This is essential for building healthier relationships based on understanding and respect. Several research based on empirical evidence indicate that meditation certainly increases empathy.

"Instead of condemning people, we will try to understand them."

-Dale Carnegie-

Meditation improves relationships because it reduces insecurities

What if they don't like me? Do you want to leave me? These questions reveal intense insecurity in our relationships. An increasingly present feeling, as indicated by Gilles Lipovetsky.

Meditation therefore emerges as a tool to resolve these insecurities or to manage them better, as it helps us to know ourselves better.

It is that gaze within us in which we observe our thoughts and actions without judging them; we accept our mistakes to learn from them and listening to our wishes increases our confidence.

By getting to know each other better, we stop depending on others. We don't need external approval, but we can afford to be ourselves.

This is especially important for not to maintain relationships of dependence, not only in the couple. Addictive relationships are unhealthy and often cause intense pain. We can therefore say that meditation helps relationships also in this sense.

Experience sexuality without stress

Meditating as a couple can allow us to experience sexuality in another way. How many times have we felt insecure about our body and this caused stress during sexual intercourse?

Living intimacy with stress, fear, insecurities or haste is detrimental to the relationship with your partner and with ourselves. For this reason, interesting approaches such as orgasmic meditation have emerged in recent years. It favors the concentration on the present, lowering the gaze on the future, therefore from the worries that manifest themselves in it.

Meditation helps us reconnect with our body, to be in the here and now, to open our senses to be more aware of every kiss, every caress, every breath… Thus, meditating can make our sexual relations more pleasant.

How many minutes of meditation to improve relationships?

There is no doubt that meditation improves relationships. However, to enjoy these benefits, it must become a habit. Will we need a lot of time? Absolutely no. They will be enough per day.

As time goes by, we may need to lengthen the sessions, we ourselves will feel encouraged to do so without having to force ourselves. If we find it difficult at first, guided meditation can be an excellent option.

Having someone to mark our steps and teach us to meditate is essential. What are we waiting for to start and improve our relationships? If you have been meditating for some time, what changes have you experienced in the way you relate to others?

"When you have a good relationship with yourself, your other relationships are also positive."


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