Do you love or depend? 3 differences between mature love and emotional addiction

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THEmature love it is one of the most beautiful experiences we can experience. But we often confuse it with passion, infatuation or addiction. Indeed, the line between love and emotional dependence it is very subtle, so that it is very easy to overcome it and fall into an unhealthy relationship where one person erases his personality to satisfy the other. How to know if you suffer from emotional addiction? How does mature love differ from a toxic relationship?1. Love gives up, addiction is selfishWhen you love, you focus on making the other person happy. You constantly think about your partner and the new things you can do to surprise and satisfy him. You don't worry about who contributes the most to the relationship and you don't get angry about the unimportant details, because you are aware that you have a wonderful person by your side. You don't try to manipulate or dominate the relationship, because you feel safe. On the contrary, always ask for his opinion because you want to make him feel listened to and loved. Mature love is that which gives without expecting anything in return, because the gift is gratifying in itself. Those who are emotionally dependent, on the contrary, focus on how their partner makes them happy, establish a selfish relationship because they are ready to give up. , but only to receive something in return. This type of person also has a tremendous fear of losing their partner, so they often take a manipulative attitude and try to control the relationship to keep it a source of personal satisfaction.
2. Love frees, dependence imprisons Mature love implies that each person must be able to grow in the relationship. This means that everyone is free to express themselves, without fear of exposing flaws and weaknesses. This mutual trust is liberating and allows both of you to express their full potential. In this type of relationship there is no room for control, because each encourages the other to consider new goals and supports him in pursuing them. Mature love is a fertile ground for personal growth. Emotional addiction, on the other hand, often becomes a prison. The addicted person wants the partner to spend more and more time by his side, to devote himself completely to him, forgetting dreams and plans. Therefore, the relationship will end up becoming close and uncomfortable.
3. Love lasts, addiction is ephemeralLove bears the passage of time well. In fact, unlike passion, mature love develops and grows over the years. Like a tree, it sinks its roots deeply and develops new branches. This does not mean that there will never be disagreements and problems, but that each of the people will grow next to each other, deciding every day to be together, not because they need each other, but because they love each other. it focuses on the other person, in the positive qualities that make them perfect for you. Instead, emotional addiction is based on a sense of emptiness that must be filled at any cost. In fact, many of those who experience emotional dependence quickly pass from one relationship to another, because basically what interests them is not the person themselves, but how this can fill the emotional gap. These are people who cannot be alone and are not looking for a soul mate, but just someone to fill the void.

Why are addictive relationships so harmful?

The relationships they generate emotional dependence they end up making them both miserable. The addicted person always wants more, is not satisfied and lives with the constant anxiety generated by the fear of loss. The other side feels more and more overwhelmed, unable to develop their potential, trapped in a relationship that brings nothing. As a result, sooner or later these relationships end.Fortunately, if we realize it in time, we will be able to reverse the situation and channel the energy in a positive way, towards a mature love that allows both people to grow and complement each other.
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