Do you have acne? An app tells you the right foods

SOS pimples!

Even for a pimple we run to ask for help on the cell phone? Perhaps it is exaggerated, but there it is! For a few months now, you have been able to find out through an app what is good and what is bad to eat in case of acne.

This is a project carried out by the American Northwestern University, whose researchers have developed one iPhone app which, based on the results of official scientific research, indicates to users whether a food is to be considered good or bad for the skin.

From the technology to book train or movie tickets, to the technology for diet and calories, the app for meditating and the app for sport and finally for the skin: here we are in the era of the subcutaneous pre-microcip!


Where is "Diet & acne"

In the case of the telematic tool, the researchers highlight the fact that the health information coming from the applications is not always official, verified and based on scientific evidence, as is the case with this new app.

The app is called "Diet & acne" and can be downloaded for free from iTunes. According to data collected in the app, the appearance of acne has been associated with the consumption of dairy products, especially skim milk, whey proteins, omega 6 fatty acids and foods rich in sugars.

Foods that contain antioxidant substances and fibers instead they have been associated with a reduction of annoying pimples that mainly affect adolescents.


From grandmother's remedy to remedy-app

Gone are the days when the grandmother said she grew up drinking fasting fresh brewer's yeast to make the skin beautiful: now mum or dad looks directly for an app to tell their XNUMX-year-old son what is good and what is bad to eat in case of acne!

As doctors point out, there is no doubt that growth and hormones play a role in sebum production and therefore on the predisposition to acne of every single young person.

But also thenutrition is important, as well as the daily lifestyle (drink lots of water, do physical activity, tan properly, do not smoke), and perhaps, even with a good dietary education, you can directly teach your children what is good and defeats pimples and what fuels their appearance.

Here is what (trans) to put at the table:

  • Foods that are good for and fight acne: fibers, legumes, artichokes, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, soybeans, almonds, fresh fruit smoothies and smoothies, cherries, apples, melons, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, spinach, broccoli , olive oil, oats, brown rice, figs, green tea
  • Foods are bad and feed acne: too much chocolate, fried food, cow's milk, sugary drinks, fruit juices and non-naturally sweetened drinks, industrial baked goods and refined white sugar in general, sausages, too much salt, alcohol, white bread, refined white flour, potatoes and French fries .


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