Do not give up! The strength to move forward is within you

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Do not give up! The strength to move forward is within you

Last update: 17 September, 2017

“Where is the strength to keep fighting when I am convinced that I have hit rock bottom? Why do I still want to move on even though I don't think I can deal with what comes next? Maybe my strength is greater than I think?". These are some of the questions we all ask ourselves when we are sad or grief.

The human strength and survival skills that distinguish us are incredible. We are prepared to endure more pain than we believe and to find motivation even when our will falters and everything goes dark, preventing us from moving forward. Sometimes, without knowing how or when, we manage to build our way despite the pain that afflicts us. Our resilience has no limits.

But where do the forces that put us back together come from? They are within us, even if sometimes they hide and it is difficult to find them. Either way, these forces are there, even if we need help figuring out how to use them or how to get them out.

It is our survival instinct that activates them, to push us to overcome any situation of extreme difficulty. We must, however, listen to the message of our emotions and act accordingly.

Don't give up, find your strength

Don't give up, please don't give up,

even if the cold stings,

even if fear bites,

even if the sun is hiding and the wind is silent.

There is still fire in your soul,

there is still life in your dreams,

Because every day is a new beginning,

because this is the hour and the best time.

Why are you not alone

because I love you.

When pain invades us and there seems to be nothing to do, we must not give up, but keep fighting. We must find answers to all our whys or, at least, the motivation. Because this is life, it invites us to get up and move on, not to stop trying and to learn from every mistake we make, always paying attention to our emotions. 

We may not find good reasons to go on today, but tomorrow we do. Every day is a new story and even if we can't decide how it ends, we can at least determine a good start.

Courage, then! We all take a deep breath, fill our lungs with air, jump and fly. If we need to go back, let it be just to find the stimulus from what we have learned. We must not stop fighting because we have all the strength and resources available to face what is to come, just find them!

Let's not forget to dedicate a few moments of solitude to give space to our fears and our sadness; these emotions, in fact, are necessary to get up again and to realize our potential.

You are not alone

If, once the pain has passed, we still feel weak, remember that we are not alone. We need to find someone who is a refuge for us to rest in. It will certainly help us to get up and find the strength to move forward. It takes courage to ask for help and to be guided.

Let others help us, forget our fears, take the hand of the person we are close to and free ourselves from what is tormenting us. We must never stop believing in it because, when we have a dream, we believe in it and we act to make it come true, we will be ever closer to its realization..

There is no end without a beginning, light without darkness, we cannot get up if we have not fallen first, strength and will do not magically appear if we do not look for them within us. Opposites make us grow, especially if we find the point of balance.

So, dear readers, bring out your strength, fight and strive to move forward! Get up, blow the dust off and keep walking, because it's really worth it. Do not forget that life goes on, time passes and you will be the one to tell your story. The strength is within you, don't give up!

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